A New Website for a New Vision

October 10, 2017

Shared Vision International holds a special place in our hearts. The work they do to provide optometric care and free eyewear to those who don’t have access is truly inspiring. We’ve been honored to help them with their branding and website needs over the years. This year, we created a fresh new look for their website meeting the needs of 2017 website design standards.

The goal with their new website was to put the focus on the good work that Shared Vision does and emphasize the people who are directly impacted. We wanted to really show the human side of their mission. We included more photos of their work in Haiti. We also included a video which recapped the experiences of those who went on the most recent trip.

We knew visitors to the site would be interested in knowing more about the organization’s mission and who exactly benefits from the great work. It was of course Shared Vision’s goal to accurately explain the motivation behind their work and encourage visitors to find out more about how to make donations, volunteer or share the word about all of the good that’s being done.

It was important to keep the strong brand consistent throughout the website. This time around we decided to integrate more photos along with the branded graphics to give it a more journalistic and human touch. We included some quick fact breakdowns to further highlight the scale of the work that they do at a glance. We also wanted to spotlight Shared Vision’s philosophy of “Durability and Dignity.” This concept is to not only provide eyewear for the recipients, but to provide a sense of dignity for those in need.

One of the challenges with this project was to be able to work as cost-effectively as possible, as it is with most nonprofit projects. We were able to take some backyard photography and give it a fresh makeover allowing the photography to be enveloped by the Shared Vision brand.

We are excited for what the future holds for Shared Vision International and are so glad that we can be a part of their mission. If you’d like more information about what they do and how you can help, you can check out their fancy new site: https://www.sharingvision.us.

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