Creating Her Vision: A New Brand and New Patient Experience

October 3, 2017

Dr. Jaclyn Munson from Fort Collins, Colorado approached Eleanor with an interesting proposition. She had three businesses all under the umbrella business of her optometry practice: Fort Collins Family Eye Care, Vision Performance Center, and Eye Spa. Our goal was to create three brands that while enjoying their own unique identity, feel together in a family setting.

We love optometry marketing because it is such a unique challenge to blend the medical side of the practice with the fashion-forward, retail side. While Fort Collins Family Eye Care has been helping patients for over 40 years, Dr. Munson as the new owner wanted to breathe some fresh life into the brand and give it a modern, more sophisticated update. Our goal for Fort Collins Family Eye Care was to create a contemporary, warm brand that echoed the upscale Colorado lifestyle.

We echoed the circle shape that we used for the Eye Spa and added the opulence of the iris. This way we could reference the eye without being obvious or cliché. The color palette included the colors of Colorado: a navy blue, a calming gray and metallic gold. One of the unifying components for all three brands under the Fort Collins family was the font choice. Saveur Sans provides a timeless, elevated feel to the brands.

In building the website for Fort Collins Family Eye Care, we wanted the visitor to feel the professionalism and warmth of the practice. We wanted to make it easy to update, easy to navigate, and easy to make an appointment. Information on eye health and conditions were included to boost SEO as well as an educational blog to share on social media channels to bring people back to the site. Visitors have really been drawn to the About Us page to find out more about Dr. Munson and her team.

We are excited about the new look and new approach that Fort Collins Family Eye Care can bring to the community of Northern Colorado. We look forward to the patients embracing the new brand and sharing with their friends and family.

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