Say Hello to Bluestem Health

January 25, 2018

When Bluestem Health, the healthcare clinic formerly known as People’s Health Center, commissioned Eleanor to rename and rebrand their community health organization, they wanted their new brand to express the look and feel of their status as a quality healthcare center with the mission of creating a healthy, vibrant community for all people, regardless of insurance status.

Within the Lincoln community, the name “People’s Health Center” had been commonly confused with other local organizations, such as the similarly named People’s City Mission, a fantastic organization but with a different set a of services and goals. They found that there was a growing perception that the clinic only saw uninsured patients, despite the high standards it has met as a federally qualified health center. They wanted a brand that would move them forward as a vital healthcare facility for the whole community.

Eleanor researched hundreds of name possibilities and the Bluestem Health team and board members favored “Bluestem” due to its Nebraska connotations and positive imagery. Little Bluestem is Nebraska’s state grass — an adaptable grass that is both beautiful and strong. One of the best grasses for animal habitats, butterflies and birds use bluestem for shelter to promote life and healing. Providing a home and a healing place was precisely the image they wanted Bluestem Health to invoke as it launched a new identity to demonstrate a more inclusive approach to healthcare.



Eleanor designed a new logo and brand that was warm and welcoming of all people and of all cultures, just like the bluestem grass it represents. We drew our color palette from the foliage of the grass, which combines pastel colors in summer and coppery tones in fall.





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