Building a Brand: The Brand Audit

June 28, 2017


Brand Audit. It may seem like dry toast. The word “audit” never elicits positive feelings. It can actually even scare some people. At Eleanor, we relish it. (Relish and toast. Observation: writer may be hungry at time of writing).

A Brand Audit at Eleanor is the first step that we take when working with a new client. We step in with fresh eyes and look at everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s important to get a complete overview of the brand so that we can recommend changes that will move the brand in the direction of achieving its goals.

We find that interviewing the team is one of the most revealing parts of a brand audit. Often a business owner can feel one way about the organization, but the people who work day in and day out, who have interactions with customers, and put their hard work on the line often have a different view. Our job in a Brand Audit is to come in and ask the hard questions and show the positives and negatives side by side. This part of the brand audit is very revealing about company culture and can inform the owners about obstacles for growth.


We next interview a sampling of current customers to see how they became aware of the business, if their expectations were met and to gauge brand loyalty. We also then interview a sampling of customers in a potential growth area. We see if there is an interest in or awareness of the brand and study the demographic to figure out the best ways to communicate with them.

Analyzing the competition is an intriguing part of the Brand Audit. We study your competition, what they do well, what they don’t do well, and how they communicate with their customers. We analyze their messaging and Google rankings. We assess points of difference and create plans to capitalize on those differences to make your brand shine.

Finally, we take stock of your past and current marketing efforts. Is your current website achieving the goals for both your customer and your business? Are your messages on target with what your audience needs? Are you advertising in the right places for your audience and budget? How do you rank online? We put all of the pieces together so that you have a comprehensive view of the the current status of your brand.

A Brand Audit is necessary for any strategic planning for the future. Once we know how a brand fits in the community and what the brand values as an organization, we can then create a a plan of action and spread some butter on that toast. Maybe add a little avocado and some salsa or a fried egg. (Obviously time for a lunch break.) The Brand Audit is the first step, but not the last, in creating a successful future for your organization.

We’re Hiring: Graphic Designer

June 8, 2017

Eleanor is looking for a Graphic Designer to join our growing company. This is a part-time position (20 hours) in Lincoln, Nebraska. As a Graphic Designer, you will focus on designing graphics and illustrations for digital and print projects.

Eleanor offers a competitive salary, downtown environment and the opportunity for future growth.

Eleanor is a brand experience agency with big plans for our clients. We value creativity, hard work and life experience. We recognize the importance of family, physical health and a cold one at the end of a successful week.


  • Design compelling graphics and illustrations for our clients
  • Design for both print and digital formats: e-newsletters, web, social media, brochures, booklets and various marketing collateral.
  • Create innovative graphics appropriate to the client’s brand
  • Meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Present concepts with strong rationale to the account director, art director and clients
  • Bring creative and intentional ideas to every project assigned
  • Update WordPress sites with graphics and illustrations

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  • 1-2 years experience in graphic and interactive design
  • Work closely with team writers, creative leads and management to adequately tell brand stories from a visual perspective
  • Skilled in using the latest versions of Adobe Creative Suite products including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
  • Some HTML and CSS knowledge
  • The ability to adequately articulate ideas and concepts to both team and client
  • Excellent time management skills

To apply, please send your online portfolio, letter of interest and resume to

Building a Brand: The Eye Spa

May 30, 2017

The Eye Spa, the only place in Colorado that is purely a med spa for your eyes, commissioned Eleanor Creative to create a brand that emphasized luxury and comfort. Owner, Dr. Jaclyn Munson, wants her patients to feel completely pampered while at the same time receive eye health and cosmetic services that only an optometrist and licensed aesthetician team can provide.

Since the Eye Spa provides rejuvenation treatments without surgery, we wanted to make sure the brand felt pure and honest, speaking to potential clients about results and the overall sophisticated feel of the spa. The more natural approach for the Eye Spa was an important tone to strike for the women of Colorado.

Our first phase of visual research began with a mood board. Sophisticated type faces, a rich color palette featuring gold and navy blue, and natural photography create the tone we wanted to achieve for The Eye Spa. This mood is refined and elegant with a Colorado boutique feeling.


Inspired by the mood board, we created a few directions for Dr. Munson to choose from. Ultimately, she decided upon this art deco-inspired circle, referencing the eye wrapped in comfort. The mark when showcased in gold provides the impression of luxury. The typeface we used for the Eye Spa is Saveur Sans. This typeface lends itself to a high-end boutique feel and creates the refined look that we are aiming to achieve.eyespa_logo

Versatility is queen with this mark. From business cards to outdoor signs, this design captures the space.


Working with Dr. Munson has been a true pleasure for our team. Her energy, intelligence and passion for eye health are inspiring.

Cheers to your new brand, Dr. Munson! We are excited for the next phase.

Sounds Good! – Eleanor’s Hearing Party

May 18, 2017

Eleanor Creative has had the pleasure of working with the audiology clinic, Complete Hearing over the past year. We created a new brand for them and put together marketing and advertising strategies. One of our objectives is to eliminate the stigma of having your hearing checked and wearing hearing aids. Healthy hearing is for everyone!


So we did what we do best and we threw a party. We all decided that the Eleanor Creative team should have our hearing checked together at the same time. Dr. Meghanne Wetta tested Christine and Kristie, and Dr. Sandra Miller tested Deanna.

Kristie was impressed with how easy and fun her exam was. Not that she was expecting it to be scary, but Dr. Wetta did such a great job of explaining everything.

“She has such a fun personality and makes you feel at ease,” says Kristie about her experience with Dr. Wetta.

First the audiologist examines your ears to do a preliminary assessment of health and detect any blockages or abnormalities. Dr. Wetta discovered that Kristie has smaller than average ears, which would explain why earbuds always fall out of her ears so easily.

Because of her previous career as a disc jockey, Deanna was sure that her hearing would test below average. She had been experiencing uneven hearing and would hear muffled sounds in her left ear.

After the physical examination, Dr. Miller discovered the answer to Deanna’s muffling. There was almost total wax blockage in Deanna’s left ear, and Dr. Miller was able to remove it safely. She reminds everyone never to use candling or q-tips to remove wax as they can cause damage, but to go to your physician or your audiologist for safe wax removal if it is bothering you. Ear wax is normal with everyone producing different amounts.

The next phase of the exam tested whether or not you can understand words clearly at different volumes and if you can hear different tones at different frequencies. This was where Christine was worried about her hearing because she always feels as if she struggles to understand her children in the car. Sometimes, hearing issues aren’t just that you can’t hear, but that you have problems differentiating sounds and understanding specific sounds with clarity.

This portion of the exam only took between 5 to 10 minutes and almost felt like a game. The exam showed that Christine had hearing in the normal ranges and what she was probably experiencing in the car was all of her children speaking at once. The life of a busy mom.

After the exam, the Eleanor team all had hearing testing in the normal ranges. We all felt as if the process was quick and easy. We now have baseline tests; so that in a few years when it is recommended that we receive another test, we can see if our hearing has changed. More than anything, we’ve realized how important it is to stay on top of our hearing, protect what we have and not be ashamed to have it tested.

The ability to hear the world around us is one of our greatest gifts. Taking care of that gift is important for ourselves and those we love.

Client Spotlight: Shared Vision International

May 10, 2017


Shared Vision International developed out of a conversation between four friends. Austin and Tara Mackrill and Troy and Chelsey Kirk had done quite a bit of traveling and became aware of the difficulty finding access to optometric care in many parts of the world. Not only would communities not have the necessary funds to afford eye exams or eyewear, there simply wasn’t an eye doctor within travel distance in some of the more remote areas.

Shared Vision International bridges volunteer doctors and eye care professionals with areas of the world both nationally and internationally that need optometric care. They have also partnered with eyewear manufacturers to provide frames and lenses to people who can otherwise not afford corrective eyewear.

Eleanor Creative recently had an opportunity to help chronicle Shared Vision’s most recent mission trip to Haiti.

Shared Vision is continuing to look toward the future and has come to Eleanor to take their website and brand into the future. We look forward to being able to help this amazing non-profit attract new donors and volunteers so that they can help even more people all over the world.