Burns Orthotics came to Eleanor looking for a new identity. The Burns family began the business in 1969 as a way to help podiatrists design custom foot orthotics to help their patients. We wanted to maintain the integrity of this rich heritage while stepping the brand forward into the future.

The new brand is active, timeless and vibrant. The mark is a fluid, abstract shape of an orthotic that is easy to embrace and remember. It can be easily replicated to create patterns and combines the foot pad shape with the letter “B.” The typeface was chosen for clarity and boldness.


Our goal with the Burns Orthotics website was to make the site alive and engaging for both patient and provider. We used custom photography combined with hand-drawn illustrations to make the medical nature of their product more approachable, bringing a sense of warmth and comfort.

With strong targeted keywords, we optimized the copy for patient foot pain searches. We then created a provider search function for patients as a way to enhance the sales funnel and create additional value for the Burns Orthotic providers. We also made the site easy to use for providers to find out more about the orthotics themselves, how to order and ask questions if needed.


Making the Burns brand feel warm and approachable was key, so we created a video featuring employees talking about their pride for the community and what they do. We also wanted to show the manufacturing process from beginning to end. Highlighting the quality, craftsmanship, and personal touch that Burns offers, this piece was made to appeal to podiatrists and prospective patients alike.