Columbus Urgent Care (CUC) is the area’s first urgent care center. They provide a wide range of urgent healthcare services after physician office hours and at costs significantly lower than emergency room visits.

Columbus Urgent Care commissioned Eleanor Creative to develop a comprehensive branding and communications plan. By knowing and understanding their target audience, core strengths and the market, our team diligently worked to create a plan that was unconventional, target-specific and engaging.

We wanted to avoid the tired “person with a thermometer” clip art that is so common in the medical industry today. We designed a straightforward mark based on the stethoscope image, which could be used alone or as part of a combination mark. The final product sees the stethoscope pulling double duty, as both the ‘U’ in Urgent and the ‘C’ in Columbus. This creative and well-designed logo has been implemented internally and externally.


The key with the design for the Columbus Urgent Care website was making the site as easy to use as possible. As most people who would visit the site would be people in a pressing need for answers, we wanted to use concise copy and bold colors to direct the eye to the most frequently used areas. We designed icons to represent each of the services they provide and made the site bilingual in order to communicate quickly and easily with patients of differing backgrounds.


Our outdoor campaign focused on a series of billboards throughout the Columbus community. These bright and eye-catching campaigns highlighted situations where someone might need the services of Urgent Care: a late night fever or a fall off of a ladder after installing Christmas lights. Our goal was to show Urgent Care as the solution for these common maladies as opposed to a visit to the ER.