Brand Promise

Welcome to the Conversation. The environment at Complete Hearing is a very welcoming one, one of inclusion and hospitality. We wanted to bring people to the conversation on a literal level, but also make people feel a part of the dialog of hearing health. Internally, Welcome to the Conversation speaks to how much Complete Hearing values its team members and relies on the voices of all of the staff in making decisions for the company and their patients.

Brand Implementation

One of the things that really excited us about the new brand direction for Complete Hearing was how well it could be used across the marketing spectrum. From t-shirts, to bags, to business collateral, the brand is vibrant and recognizable.


In designing a website for Complete Hearing, it was important to create a clean, easy site that blended the visitor’s needs with the client’s objectives. We wanted visitors to get a brief overview of the clinic but to be referred to the experts to find out more detailed and personalized information.