Since 2009, Eleanor has provided EyeCare with meaningful interactive strategies. Every year, we research trends, listen to patient feedback and look to the future to guide our decisions. Our focus is always to make communication interesting, engaging and effective.

Our aspiration is to take any client challenge and turn it into a dynamic digital solution. Most recently, we launched the Online Frame Browsing Experience as part of an overall campaign called “The Perfect Pair.”


glassesOnline Frame Browser

EyeCare Specialties holds firm to the belief that proper eyewear selection and fittings can only be done in-store with the assistance of trained optical experts. But with the ever-changing, busy world, patients needed to shop online.

We knew that the key to solving the problem was to showcase the frame selection online so patients would be able to browse for their favorites in advance of their appointment.

That’s when Eleanor designed the “Online Frame Browsing Experience” as part of an overall “Perfect Pair” campaign. Eleanor partnered with eyewear distributor Safilo to showcase their frames. We designed an online platform that allows patients to pick out their favorites before their appointment, save them in a virtual drawer and then email that drawer directly to a Frame Expert. “The Perfect Pair: Your Favorites + Our Experts.”

This platform saves patients time, it allows frame selections to be showcased online for browsing and it connects the patient directly with the expert. The best part — it’s working out well for everyone.


“See” Campaign

The concept behind the See Campaign was to visually represent emotions. Anchored in our spring/summer Sunglass Sale, we used local models to showcase the feelings that one experiences when wearing designer sunglasses. (See Bright, See Lovely, See Sophisticated). We used these visually stunning pieces across a spectrum of media for maximum impact: social media paid advertising, print and in-store displays.

We then transitioned the campaign to a Back-to-School theme and promoted through social media and in-store displays.



Fremont Clinic Launch

EyeCare Specialties recently opened a new clinic in Fremont, NE and we used a mix of advertising platforms to announce the brand’s arrival. Billboard, direct mail and radio were all used to raise brand awareness, to drive traffic to the clinic for the grand opening celebration and to continue to show the brand’s commitment to the community.


We developed a series of doctor-focused videos to create educational pieces to share with the ECS audience and to further highlight the doctors as experts in their fields. We shared these through social media and added them to each doctor’s profile on the webpage to increase SEO and encourage engagement.


Frames & Fashion

Optical marketing is always an exciting endeavor. The idea behind our Frames & Fashion campaign was to showcase eyewear as an integral part of fashion. We partnered with an area boutique as a way to develop business community relationships. For weeks leading up to our Frames & Fashion event, we featured local models wearing some of the latest styles in clothing with high-end opthalmic frames and sunglasses to top off the overall look on social media. The final event included appetizers and wine, discounts on clothing and eyewear, and a drawing for a free pair of designer sunglasses.




Sparkle On Sunglass Sale

To encourage sales of sun wear during the busy holiday season, we developed the Sparkle On Sunglass Sale. Similar to the spring/summer Sunglass Sale, we offered a discount on designer sunglasses but wrapped it in a holiday package. The charming photography paired with the graphic design creates an accessible glamour that helped motivate sales.

Social Media

For EyeCare Specialties’ social media efforts, we blend the clinical side of the practice with the retail and throw in a healthy dose of company culture.

To enhance the clinical aspects of the practice, we research and write educational blog articles and posts about medical issues relating to vision and eye health that our patients and the public find informative. We then share these pieces on Facebook and Twitter.

To showcase the retail side of ECS, we focus on the latest styles and trends and feature them through visual-heavy platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Social media is also a great place to highlight company culture and relate the EyeCare Specialties commitment to community and the greater good. We have found that patients and fans of the brand really respond well to news and stories about ECS employees participating in community events and giving back.