Indigo Bridge Books is a bookstore and cafe rooted in the Haymarket of downtown Lincoln. Their primary focus is bridging the gaps among people from varying walks of life who may otherwise not interact.

Eleanor was commissioned by Indigo to build a custom website. Our team worked to create an online storefront, giving interested patrons and community members an authentic Indigo experience. 

Indigo hosts many events with the intention of engaging conversation about difficult issues facing our local community and our nation. We helped to organize these events by making the calendar the heart of the website. This solution allowed Indigo Bridge Books to keep all of their events and pertinent information in one logical space.


IndiZOO was created to enhance the reading experience for children. IndiZOO is an interactive story time that brings together animals, literature and hands-on learning. We’ve featured animals from local organizations, shared stories about those animals and the worlds they live in and then let the kids get hands on with fun craft projects.

Eleanor created the idea for IndiZOO as a way to enrich the reading experience and integrate stores with sensory experiences. We designed all of the marketing materials for the events and helped promote the events though social media.


IndiFILMS was created as a unique platform for the community to discuss issues about social topics, mercy, justice and grace. The film series was offered free to the public, highlighting human rights issues such as immigration, women’s rights, sex trafficking and more.

Eleanor created the concept of IndiFILMS as a way of enhancing the culture and continuing the mission of Indigo Bridge Books. We helped to brand the platform, plan the event itself, create the artwork and carry out the promotional plan.


IndiBEE was developed as a way to have fun with words and spelling while truly involving the entire community. Indigo Bridge Books hosted a cross-town spelling bee event open to 90 children, kindergarten through 5th grade with prizes for each divisional

Eleanor created the concept of IndiBEE as a way to build excitement around the idea of words with a bit of competition. We designed the logo, developed the brand and helped promote the event throughout the community.