SDDC+B requested a simple, clean and straightforward design. They wanted an easy-to-use content management system that would allow for quick edits and easy updating.

Eleanor designed the site using keyword-heavy copy to optimize their presence in search engines while still allowing readers to easily find any information or content about which they may have questions. The site is searchable by attorney name or by area of practice, making the experience extremely user friendly.


For SDDC+B, we wanted to create a look that showcased their professional authority yet made them look approachable. We also knew we needed to deviate from the typical “lawyer look.” You know, the one where they are stiffly posed in front of all those law books that they never use anymore.

Our team decided to create illustrations of each attorney. The use of illustrations impart an aura of authority while maintaining a soft, handmade feel. The result is both fresh and storied, new and mature, but above all, decidedly high brow.