À la Carte Strategy for Personal Banking: Lincoln Federal and Eleanor


For Lincoln Federal Savings Bank, “personal banking like you’ll remember” is not just a tagline, but also a framework for their unparalleled commitment to community. Since 1906, the bank has made it their mission to serve their community, offering loans and deposit products as well as residential lot sales and construction lending.

Eleanor Creative has worked with the centenarian bank to bring their passion for community leadership online through a modernized social strategy and video content that aims to inform, educate, and celebrate the communities they serve. Our relationship with Lincoln Federal Savings Bank highlights how creative strategy and design services can work to maximize a company’s community-driven goals, even as just a smaller piece of a company’s overall marketing plans.


As Eleanor first set out to develop a social strategy for Lincoln Federal Savings Bank, we knew the challenge would be to incorporate all of the unique personalities and community efforts across their 15 branches in Lincoln, Holdrege, Hastings, North Platte, McCook, Benkelman, Fremont, Blair, and Omaha. Social Media has allowed the bank to bring their annual branch contests online for the public to vote on. “Making Branches Bright,” the yearly Lincoln Federal Savings Bank branch contest for the best decorated lobby or tree, brings to life the bank’s love of charity and community.


When it comes to a complex industry like banking, social media provides a powerful communication tool for educating customers on financial literacy topics that impact not only their follower’s relationship to banking, but their daily lives. Through friendly infographics and approachable technical writing, Eleanor Creative has helped Lincoln Federal Savings Bank educate their communities on issues like understanding the home buying process, credit scores and their impact on financial opportunity, the importance of taking cybersecurity measures, and other financial awareness topics.


A series of contests and giveaways bolster Lincoln Federal Saving Bank’s Facebook page and help the bank reach new customers. Among several contests each year, the bank has recently offered tickets to Kelly Clarkson at the State Fair and the always popular ‘Gameday Giveaway’ contest, which provided free Huskers tickets to the “Ultimate Husker Fan.”


Most recently, Eleanor produced a series of videos with V2 Content that highlight Lincoln Federal Savings Bank as a community leader in helping customers reach their dreams through buying a home, or building a custom designed property. These videos capture one of the unique points of difference for Lincoln Federal Savings Bank: personal service. “Your project. Your dream. Our service. It’s always personal at Lincoln Federal Savings Bank,” says the 60 second spot.

Although there a lot of obvious differences between the well-established banking industry and the future-focused creative strategy and marketing business, Eleanor Creative and Lincoln Federal Savings Bank work well together because the two companies share a very vital value in today’s fast moving world: personal service. Eleanor Creative provides Lincoln Federal with all of the personalized touches their social media strategy needs to truly reflect just how important their communities remain to the bank after over 100 years of service.