Making moves. It’s not a marketing job. It’s a career.

Looking for a career with our team in Lincoln, Nebraska? Do you love endless to-do lists, lunches at The Oven, and creating beautiful work for clients? If so, check out our marketing job openings or send us your info at

P.S. No need to mess with a fancy cover letter, we won’t read it anyway. Just show us your work and that’s a good enough conversation starter.


We are always looking for unicorns.

We are not hiring currently, but we never say never. Submit your resume or portfolio to

We expect our employees to meet professional standards: dress smart, meet deadlines, be ready to work, and be willing to work in a collaborative atmosphere. Most of all, we want you to love what you do here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

“For me, it’s all about listening to the client, then taking that information and helping them develop a plan to achieve the results they want through branding and marketing.”

Jacque Genovese, Eleanor Creative

“I love working with our clients, meeting them where they are at, helping them think about the great things they do, and then determining the best way to promote those achievements.”

Mackenzie Slivka , Eleanor Creative

“One of our greatest strengths as a team at Eleanor is our commitment to taking the time to really learn about our clients— where they’ve been, where they are, and where they want to be. A good brand ought to address all three; it should be some part demonstration and some part aspiration.”

Sean Flattery, Eleanor Creative


We care about our team, so we offer a competitive salary.


401K matching? Of course. Because we think retirement is a good thing.


Top tier-health insurance, plus dental. 75% of your premiums are covered by Eleanor.


We always want our employees to be learning and growing. We know that it looks different for each person, so you’ll create a growth path that’s right for you.


Creativity, hard work, and life experience are essential, just like food and coffee.


Stress-free parking just for our team in the Haymarket.


Our team appreciates our generous vacation days, but they love working here so much we have to force them to take time off.


We offer employee benefits catered to each person. Our unicorns break the mold and needs vary. We get it.


We have high-expectations and good senses of humor. We value food, drinks, and creating brilliant work.