The StarTran landing page makes you want to scroll and click until… Next Stop: Hired. Eleanor Creative used the Next Stop: Hired campaign creative to attract people looking for a career that will take them places, and this landing page could not be more perfect. You follow the StarTran bus on the route from one stop to the next in the hiring process, and arrive at the Next Stop. Get it?

The Challenge

StarTran, Lincoln’s Public Bus Transportation, was shutting down routes due to a shortage of bus operators. In addition, they were breaking their budget with paid overtime hours. When faced with a hiring shortage in a highly competitive market, the City of Lincoln turned to our firm to recruit the right people, quickly. They had a government website without the extra personality they were looking for to attract the right applicants, they needed a landing page that would drive people to apply.

Next Stop: Strategy

This landing page needed to bring the StarTran culture to life with human photography, real-life messaging, and an experience that would drive bus operators to apply. As part of the Next Stop Campaign, we strategically targeted the right people for the job. In addition, we designed a moving bus that took the users through each of the following stops at

  • Stop 1 – On the Job Training
  • Stop 2 – Paid Vacation
  • Stop 3 – Incredible Health and Retirement Benefits
  • Stop 4 – An Office with a View
  • Stop 5 – Bus Operator Personalities
  • Stop 6 – Take the Wheel
  • Stop 7 – Career Options
  • Stop 8 – Diversity and Kind Communication
  • Stop 9 – Satisfaction and Stability


After a highly successful paid social ad campaign leading applicants to our landing page, we were able to fill all open positions in two months! The city is using this site for ongoing recruitment efforts. Give it a scroll, you won’t be disappointed.