The Challenge

TMCO is a Midwestern manufacturing company that’s proud of its German heritage. So proud, in fact, that they throw a yearly Oktoberfest event to thank their employees, customers, and community members with pretzels, sauerkraut, workshop tours, music, dancing, and of course, cold, refreshing German beer. As this event has grown and changed through the years, so has the need to improve its look, to reflect both the company’s storied history and its bright future. They required a full set of print collateral — t-shirts, coasters, and pint glasses to leave a strong impression on stakeholders for years to come.


Using a combination of heraldic imagery, including the double-headed Prussian eagle, and an angled red cross drawn from the crest of TMCO’s ancestral home in Versmold, Germany, the TMCO Oktoberfest brand combined the best of Old and New World design. A wide, regal serif served as the typographic base for the brand, which, in concert with the deep navy blue, burnished gold, and striking red, gives a nod to the long and lasting legacy of brewery branding. This vintage aesthetic was applied to great effect on coasters, glassware, and t-shirts.


After pulling the print collateral into reality, the only thing left was to share it with the world. After gifting her team with the new swag, TMCO’s Owner / CEO put it best: “I wish I could bottle the reaction and send it to you … I swear that you could feel the pride beaming out of everyone at the event!!” With their fresh Oktoberfest gear, TMCO employees, customers, and community members alike can feel a deeper, more energized connection with the company, and find a little polka in their step. Prost!