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Project Year



6 Months

We believe in the power of bringing people together over delicious food and cherished traditions. Our Dusters journey began with a simple yet profound mission: to honor a local history while embracing a shared future. By infusing this brand with fresh flavors and contemporary flair, we’ve created a culinary experience that resonates with both our loyal locals and travelers passing through alike.


The Challenge

Dusters faced a pivotal challenge – its brand was stuck in the past, disconnected from the vibrant pulse of modern dining culture. Despite its historical significance tied to the iconic duster coat and its prime location along Highway 30, the restaurant needed a fresh approach to attract a diverse clientele. Striving to be more than just a pit stop for travelers, Dusters aimed to become a culinary destination beloved by both locals and passersby alike.


The Solution

Our team approached the challenge with a blend of reverence for tradition and a keen eye for contemporary appeal. We embarked on a journey to reinvent Dusters, infusing its brand with new energy while honoring its storied past. Crafting a fusion of nostalgia and innovation, we designed a brand that spoke to the heart of Columbus, Nebraska. Through meticulous attention to detail and strategic branding, we created an experience that transcended generational boundaries, inviting patrons of all ages to indulge in Dusters’ signature dishes.


The Outcome

The refreshed brand and restaurant ambiance became a magnet for diners seeking not just a meal, but an experience steeped in history and infused with modern flair. With our guidance, Dusters is reclaiming its position as a cultural landmark along Highway 30, captivating both locals and travelers with its blend of tradition and innovation. Life truly is a journey at Dusters – where every bite tells a story and every visit is an adventure.

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