Sandhills Energy


Solar Energy Supplier

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1 Year

Sandhills Energy delivers strategic solutions developed to meet energy needs. Built on a foundation of local knowledge and industry expertise, the company is uniquely positioned to work with large and small-scale utilities, local municipalities, and individual landowners. They came to Eleanor to reposition their brand in the market through brand identity work, community engagement plans, and a communications strategy.


The Challenge

Sandhills Energy needed a brand refresh that illuminated their purposeful approach to renewable energy solutions. In a heavily saturated industry with bland, forgettable brands we needed to capture the down-to-earth, people-forward approach Sandhills Energy brings to their sustainable solutions. Sandhills Energy is full of sharp-minded, resourceful individuals who can transform challenges into impactful solutions, which is why they hired us and that’s exactly what we did with their rebrand.


The Solution

Purpose-driven, the Sandhills Energy’s rebrand embraces a cleaner, more down-to-earth landscape for their company moving forward. The brand mark, inspired by solar rays, intertwines positive and negative spaces into a captivating star shape. Blades within pay homage to photovoltaic panels, reflecting the commitment to harnessing green energy. The modern font mirrors the brand mark’s deep cuts. Vibrant mustard and contemporary greens in the palette signal Sandhills Energy’s readiness for what’s next.


The Outcome

Sandhills Energy’s rebrand launched in October 2023. The company’s online presence before the rebrand was minimal. Eleanor’s purpose-driven branding has put Sandhills Energy on a new path. The company’s LinkedIn presence has grown tremendously recently, garnering over 300 new followers in two months, positioning them as industry thought leaders. Their new brand propels them forward in marketing collateral, signaling its readiness to embrace their future. Look for their updated website – coming soon!

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