Bluestem Health Website Design

Bluestem Health needed an updated website, award-winning you might say, to measure up to their growth, services, and patient care. We designed and developed one for them to elevate the user experience, enhance their SEO, and look beautiful! With cleaner, clearer navigation, their more than 21,000 patients can now find content quickly and get the services they need from providers who care.

Challenges and Objectives

Bluestem Health has been growing considerably since its name and perception changes in 2017. As they’ve grown, they also outgrew their website, its content, and its Squarespace platform. Bluestem Health needed a more sophisticated website to make navigation more user-friendly, put SEO as a priority, and ensure that it showcases the locations, services, and providers people are looking for. Their large healthcare organization needed to have a website that represented who they had become.

Strategy & Tactics

This new website began with market research and an SEO audit to remap all the existing and to be added/updated content. Through the market research we found that a search feature was much needed for a healthcare website of this nature. In addition, to keep ranking high, we specifically implemented a blog migration as well as an SEO plan. The content was curated to be both useful for human consumption and effective for domain ratings and SEO. We did a custom design on the WordPress platform to create a website experience patients deserve.

Bluestem Health Website Results

With an extensive testing phase, we were able to launch the new website in August of 2022, and since then we have had 2,500 form submissions alone. The website averages 4K users monthly finding the site organically in search. This does not include website traffic from other marketing efforts. Thanks to the incredible SEO they get over 13K organic pageviews on the site’s more than 100 pages of content. They have 92% site health, 29 authority score, 39% visibility in a highly saturated market, and keyword rankings in the top 3 for 35 highly searched keywords like “Healthcare, Lincoln Nebraska” and “Healthcare provider, Lincoln, Nebraska” The visual results, you can see for yourself.

The Bluestem Health website is clean, easy to navigate, and has great content including: a blog, symptom checker, patient portal, Board portal, FAQ, numerous resources, and location, provider, and service pages – among other things. This is a website that is modern and matches the quality of organization they have become. It tells patients they are the provider of choice in Lincoln.