UI/UX Design

We are experts in UI/UX design and we show it through results.

To meet the needs of midwestern clients, our UI/UX agency focuses on balancing business requirements, customer needs, and technological constraints. Our UX consulting services are ever-changing, and we take a methodical approach to our work based on common UI/UX research principles.

What you get

  • UX audit services to determine the weak points in your current UI and UX design
  • Research that starts with empathizing with your users to gain insight into the unique UX problems facing your users
  • Organized and defined user UX needs
  • Concepts for the UI/UX design based on the findings of our UX research services
  • UX concepts turned into ideas on concrete UI wireframes that help stakeholders validate our UX hypotheses
  • Tested work with customers

UI/UX, really all begins with empathy.

Our UX consulting services start with a UX audit. We interview internal and external stakeholders to understand the problem we’re trying to solve. This process takes many forms depending on the size and type of the project and the budgetary allotments. As part of the UX consulting services, we actively pursue client feedback at all steps in the process; this is especially true during UX audits and testing our UX hypotheses.

Once a foundation of stakeholder needs is established, we design a flexible information architecture (AI) to meet stakeholder and user expectations. This interactive process employs interactive site mapping tools. As the client, you’ll be an active participant in the process. Your insight will drive the scope of this phase of our UX consulting.

We then rapidly iterate on UX designs to better understand all possible solutions. We like to use “first principles” to design simple, elegant solutions to the problems outlined in our UX audit. In general, this stage of the process is internal and involves our UI/UX designers, copywriters, marketers, and technical development team.

The design team then takes our best hypotheses and commits them to interactive UI low-fidelity wireframes. These interactive mockups allow stakeholders and clients to validate the assumptions we formed through the UX research and UX audit process. As the client, your input in this stage is paramount. The low-fidelity wireframes set the first visual layer to any UI/UX design and allow you to validate and internally test our UX solutions and the proposed UI structure of your product.

With results in hand, the UI designers take the low-fidelity wireframes and add beautiful styling. This UI design process results in clickable, interactive website mockups that allow your company’s stakeholders and users to validate all the work we’ve done to this point. Our goal in this phase is to present a mockup that looks and behaves exactly like the final product. We employ software that mimics the look and feel of the coded website. This process allows us to test our work with stakeholders and users before committing to development, thus saving time and money.

We believe in the UI/UX process because it works.

Our UI/UX process ensures your investment is well researched, properly structured, validated with users, and meets your expressed business goals.

We believe a well-formulated information architecture, UX research services, and exciting UI combine to make stand-out digital products. If you’re building a new digital product, ensure you’re partnering with a UX agency with the UI/UX design services you need to make a successful product.