Eleanor – Branding for the Greater Good since 2009.

From the discovery to the final implementation, our team is focused on creating meaningful brand experiences for our clients with our exceptional branding services.


What you get

  • Brand Audit
  • Visual Research
  • Brand Identity Directions
  • Brand Implementation

Eleanor Creative – Your trusted branding agency.

There comes a time for an honest evaluation of every brand.

This is when fresh eyes can step into your organization and provide strategic guidance. We know that branding is the overall foundation for any company’s success strategy. A solid brand defines your identity to your current clients, potential clients, internal team, and your community. Most importantly, a well-positioned brand will steer the direction for any messaging or actions that can take your company towards its future goals.

Our team has led the rebranding project for Bluestem Health, formerly People’s Health Center. Other notable branding projects in the Midwest include: Wilderness Park, Lincoln Medical Education Partnership, Crossroads GPS, Roper & Sons, and Into Balance.

Our strategic branding agency is rooted in the Midwest.

We are defined by our people-first attitude, our timeless approach, and our work-smart ethic. We love to utilize local talent, yet we have a fresh, global perspective. We are curious, big-picture minded, and passionate about turning the latest trends and challenges into your opportunities. Our branding services work.