Is now the time to consider rebranding?

We can help you find out. Eleanor Creative offers rebranding services to clients who are looking to connect with their audience in more meaningful ways.

What you get

  • Brand Audit
  • Visual Research
  • Rebrand Identity Directions
  • Rebrand Implementation 

Things to know before you rebrand.

We know that rebranding your company should only be done after careful research and consideration. Rebranding is one of the core services that we offer at Eleanor Creative. Our team has led the rebranding efforts for Bluestem Health, Lincoln Medical Education Partnership, Crossroads GPS, Roper & Sons and many more clients in the Midwest.

If your organization is looking to rebrand, we’d love to offer our rebranding consulting services to you.

It’s important to know if it’s the right time to rebrand.

  • Have you outgrown your current brand? Does your brand experience feel incomplete?
  • Is your current brand falling short? Do you need an updated look, feel, and voice to be competitive?
  • Does your current brand bring you joy? If not, you should Mari Kondo that brand.
  • Your brand is something you live in every day. It should feel comfortable to wear, and it should make you look great.

We want you to feel proud of your brand and we want it to work for you!  You can trust our team to help you discern if rebranding is right for you.