Radio Advertising

Not everyone has a face for radio but we know many who do.

Radio advertising can be an effective medium when determining how best to reach your target audience. .

What you get

  • Copywriting for spots
  • Talent selection
  • Media Buy

There are many advantages to using radio advertising.

Eleanor Creative, an advertising agency in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska, helps our clients with everything from identifying which stations to use and ad spend budgets, to writing attention-getting scripts and selecting recording talent and music. We’ve worked with radio stations across the Midwest to reach audiences for our clients.

Whether you’re targeting a large metropolitan area or a rural part of the state, radio packages range in price allowing you to determine the ad spend that fits your budget. Eleanor Creative has worked with all types of clients, like Bluestem Health in Lincoln, a healthcare organization with a very targeted audience within a 30-mile radius of their clinics. Bluestem Health provides health services to a diverse population so it’s important for them to use English and Spanish radio stations in their market.

Another client, Blue Valley Community Action, provides a variety of services to low-income people living in nine counties in south-central Nebraska. Eleanor’s team was able to help them target specific counties in their service area with targeted messaging on multiple radio stations. Being able to spread the cost of radio advertising to meet the client’s goals is important and our team of professionals manage that for them.

Radio has a broad reach geographically, and at all times of the day or night. We can identify a target audience by where they live and research data to help determine the genre of music they prefer. Using these tools, Eleanor Creative can narrow down which stations will reach your audience best and provide the broadest coverage.

Eleanor Creative in Lincoln and Omaha can implement your radio spots in a short amount of time. What we mean by that is we can help our clients craft targeted messaging that can be approved, recorded, and ready to air with a quick turnaround. Clients can launch campaigns quickly, and change up messaging easily if needed. That was the case when one of our clients, Roper & Sons Funeral Home in Lincoln, asked us to help them find any family or friends in the area of a person who had passed away. Eleanor’s team used radio and other media to get the word out in a matter of a few hours that resulted in an outpouring of responses across the state and country and located relatives of the deceased.

Eleanor Creative has a good understanding of which audiences respond best to radio advertising. We share this knowledge with our clients so that they are efficiently utilizing their financial resources to best achieve their goal.

We’d love the opportunity to talk with you about your advertising needs. Let Eleanor Creative be your media expert