Direct Mail Design

Send it with Flawless Direct Mail Design.

Direct mail is still an effective marketing tactic. Like all marketing tactics, it’s imperative to use the ones that will be most effective for your audience. And, like all marketing, direct mail design should not only be creative but engaging to catch your reader’s eye.

What you get

  • Audience Targeting
  • Mailing List Purchasing
  • Content Messaging
  • Direct Mail Design
  • Print Scheduling and Proofing

Direct mail design done right.

From audience targeting and mailing list purchasing to content messaging and direct mail design, it can get a little overwhelming. That’s where the expertise at Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, NE gets direct mail marketing done right and done well.

Direct mail design services need not be confusing or time-consuming. We’re in the business of making a creative impact that drives results no matter the need, business or industry. If you’re wondering if direct mail marketing or advertising really works, enjoy these direct mail campaigns that have yielded amazing results for our clients.

Direct mail design is for healthcare too.

With an industry as complex as healthcare, it’s safe to say the need for strategic and effective communication with patients is paramount. We developed a variety of engaging and creative direct mailings to alert current Bluestem Health patients of key care messages relevant to them in Lincoln, NE. Everything from Pharmacy resources to Medicare changes to new providers, immunizations and routine check-up reminders. All while keeping the “pulse” on client needs in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. A healthy flow of communication delivered right to the mailbox is just what the doctor ordered.

We are specialists in direct mail design for the specialists.

Success results from innovative solutions both in healthcare and in marketing. That is where the need for communication to referral providers for spine and pain management services aligned with direct mail marketing. With locations in both Lincoln and Omaha, NE, we designed specific postcards that not only highlighted each Innovative Pain & Spine provider but tailored the messaging and targeted delivery to their referral sources. The result, a tangible piece that cuts through the clutter in the often digital messaging world, giving their clinic another opportunity to communicate, provider to provider. See? Direct marketing doesn’t have to be painful.

It’s clear that our direct mail design is right for all types of industries.

Seeing is believing, right? For Downtown Family Vision located in Wilber, NE, getting their patients in for an exam or to see the latest eyewear styles can take a variety of tactics including direct mail. What better way to entice a visit than a bright, festive and targeted direct mail advertisement showcasing the latest deal or frame show as well the stylish specs themselves. When captivating photography meets tried and true mail delivery, the results are clear.

We offer direct mail design for your event.

A mailed, hard-copy invitation is often still a gold standard for event planning, so when Roper & Sons Funeral Home in Lincoln, NE was preparing for a pre-planning seminar targeting specific residents in the area, a thoughtfully designed direct mail invitation encompassed all the details with class and elegance. The result, a fully-attended and fully-stocked luncheon. Simplicity at its best.

Our direct mail design is effective for campaign materials.

After creating beautiful captial campaign materials for Cascade Fountain, our team created several direct mail pieces to keep the community apprised of their fundraising efforts. For certain audiences, Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, NE, will recommend a direct mail piece. Deisgned to perfection and delivered with precision, we love getting attention for your important projects and events.