Social Media

Bringing the best social content to every page.

We might have some introverted tendencies but love a good content calendar, spicy social copy, and social designs that make you click.

What you get

  • Monthly Social Media Team Meetings
  • Social Media Strategy, Goals, and Planning
  • Content Calendar
  • Copywriting and Design
  • Posting and Monitoring
  • Analytics and Reporting

Not to brag, but we are pretty good at social media marketing.

At Eleanor (your new favorite social media agency in Lincoln), you can cuddle up on your couch and read a brilliant book and leave the social media to us. That is, after our monthly content planning meeting with your team and ours — that’s a must. We will talk through new services you are providing, learn about your company culture, and get a feel for what you want your online presence to look like.

If you need help telling your brand story to the world, let us help you control your narrative (it’s our job). By highlighting employee birthdays/anniversaries, milestones within your company, or just a witty social post to show off a little, we can ensure you won’t be disappointed with what we create for you.

Social media isn’t just Instagram and TikTok to us, it’s how you tell your story to your audience, and hopefully to some people who you haven’t met quite yet. We work with analytics and performance metrics to find out exactly what’s working for your brand, if it’s not working lets scrap it and try again. Finding something that works for your company online is what keeps us motivated and excited about working with your brand.

We know what you’re thinking. What separates Eleanor from everyone else? We work collaboratively on every client’s work meaning your brand will have a cohesive look, voice, and feel online. Our clients are like our family, we try to form a connection with them which in turn, helps us provide exactly what they are looking for in their online presence.

Let’s get personal. As we said, we love to treat our clients like family, and we love to use employees or the actual physical space in our social posts for you! Having real employees featured in stories, videos, and even just a regular instagram post, makes for an online presence for your company that seems personable and connected to their employees.


You may be thinking, is having a social media presence really important though?

You’re damn right it is. Having a proper social media presence allows you to connect with your audience in a brand new way, not to mention it can get you more business. Allowing for there to be a forum about your services and increase your visibility in the public helps increase your traffic and impressions you receive on social media. Communicating the right things to the right people makes all the difference. Think it’s important yet?

We don’t just write social media posts for you, we do the posting too. Social Media Management is another trick we have up our sleeve. We will post for you, comment on posts, create entire content schedules, and do literally anything else you need (related to social media, no dry cleaning services offered).

Eleanor creative is your one-stop-shop for all things social media marketing, management, and strategy.

Give us a reason not to choose Eleanor for your social media management needs, we’ll wait.