Video Production, Every Detail Matters

Organizations in Nebraska and throughout the Midwest, count on Eleanor Creative for professional corporate videos. Our team in Lincoln, NE has produced corporate videos for the following industries: Parks & Recreation, Agriculture, Healthcare, Medical Residencies, Education, Public Health and more.

One of our recent corporate videos was created for a 2.1 Million dollar Capital Campaign for Lincoln Parks Foundation. Our corporate video production team crafted the concept, It’s Your Wilderness. The intention was to remind and educate the community that Wilderness Park has something for everyone.


What you get

  • Script Writing
  • Story Boards
  • Video Editing
  • Shoot Coordination

The first phase of this corporate video included brainstorming numerous creative video concepts.

From there we selected, “It’s Your Wilderness,” and then the video script writing began.

It’s a bridge to nature.
It’s the sunrise through the treetops.
It’s the early morning walks.
It’s the preservation of 1,400 acres of wild, untouched forest.
It’s a chance to unplug.

It’s the place to explore.
It’s your Wilderness.

Storyboards were then created to develop each scene of the corporate video. One of the goals of the video was to show the numerous was that the park could be used. We worked with local actors and park enthusiasts that capture the following scenes in the corporate video for Wilderness Park: birdwatchers, mountain bikers, runners, hikers, and walkers. In addition, we also needed to showcase how the Park benefits the city from an economic and sustainability perspective.

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird narrated the video and also participated in the production. Her presence encourages citizens to support Wilderness Park and this capital campaign.

Another corporate video production that Eleanor Creative directed was for Brian Botaino’s lounge in Lincoln, NE.

Our team delivered three corporate video concepts and led the production for each commercial. Here are three different story boards that our team worked to produce.