TV Commercials

Award-winning TV Commericals.

When it comes to using TV commercials as one of your marketing tactics, we can’t lie – it can be a huge marketing advantage for your business. Why? Because that TV commercial can reach millions of viewers, not just those watching TV, but it can be viewed on multiple platforms as well, such as YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels. More bang for your production buck we like to say.


What you get

  • TV Commercial Production Planning Meeting 
  • Content Messaging
  • Storyboard Creation
  • Script Writing
  • Locations Scouting
  • Actor Selections
  • Voiceover Selection
  • Attire and Prop Planning
  • Full Production

TV Commercial Production Done Right.

We know the reach that a TV commercial with an engaging message can have for a client who wants to target a broad audience. When working with Eleanor Creative’s team of professionals in developing a TV commercial, we make it uncomplicated and fun. We manage all of the details, from start to finish.

Producing a TV commercial can be overwhelming. There’s a lot that goes into making an ad – we get it, but we love doing it!

While you may be shaking your head and thinking that TV commercial production is just too expensive for your budget, we can help you. Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, Nebraska, works with a variety of clients who have all sizes of budgets. We are quite resourceful and genius at bringing all of the moving parts together to create a mind-stimulating, eye catching TV commercial, sometimes on shoe-string budgets.

Eleanor Creative Wins Award for TV Commerical

When you are a 120-year-old company, it takes constant care and innovation to keep your business moving forward. This new video commercial for Roper & Sons in Lincoln, NE blends modern technology with the timeless compassion that Roper & Sons consistently offers their families. And, it perfectly aligns with their mission to Honor a Good Life.

It’s hard to capture modern-day communication between family members when a death occurs and it’s even harder to show what it’s like to make funeral arrangements for a loved one. But we were up to the challenge. We conceptualized a video commercial that shows the reality of what losing a loved one is like in the 21st century, and how Roper & Sons’ legacy of service adapts to meet that challenge.

By framing the video commercial as a digital conversation between two sisters, we were able to emphasize the distance between individuals in the present day, and how they use technology to connect them, much as Roper & Sons consistently works to meet the needs of its clientele. Historical photos, local actors, and stylized text messaging all work together to create a clean narrative that pulls at the heart and tells a story.

This TV commercial debuted on local broadcast channels in the midwest as well as social media, and served an important role in rounding out Roper & Sons new brand — helping reposition them as a vibrant and active part of the Lincoln community today.