Brand Naming

Get brand naming right the first time.

Naming your brand, business, or nonprofit is no simple task. It takes research, creativity, and ten pots of coffee to make your new brand name a reality.

What you get

  • Competition Research
  • Brand Naming Research
  • Eleanor Name Testing
  • Clever and Smart Name Options

Naming your brand shouldn’t be a flippant decision.

At Eleanor Creative we have perfected the brand naming process.

Our team specializes in creating brand names that are unique and memorable. Our brainstorming process is one that we all enjoy. From there we test the name in numerous ways:

  • What is the origin of the name?
  • What does the name mean?
  • How does the name sound?
  • How does the name read?
  • What is the competition around this name?
  • What URLs are available?
  • Is it legally available in your market?

Most importantly, our agency will understand what your vision is for your company name and we will find options that are right for you.

We understand that naming research paired with creativity is a smart way to move your new or existing company forward.

Some of our favorite brand naming projects include:

  • District 177
  • Bluestem Health
  • Cake My Day
  • Revel Events
  • Ehlers Animal Care
  • Hub & Soul
  • Salon Frankie
  • EarthFuel
  • Winter Lights
  • Eyris

For each naming project, we brainstormed hundreds of options for every client. From there, we identified the names that fit the mission, vision, and values for each organization. We strategically considered all the points of difference, along with rating the name through our rigorous naming process. After the naming research is complete, we present three name options to the client. All of our naming projects continue on for the branding phase and we watch the name come to life.