Email Marketing

Say no to email marketing spam.

Taking your message directly to your consumers is always good advice. We know because we do it every day with our email marketing campaigns. We don’t believe in spamming but we do believe in delivering brilliant email marketing content to your audience’s inbox every time.

What you get

  • A Developed Email Marketing List
  • Smart Strategy and Messaging
  • Content Plan for Email Marketing
  • Strong Email Marketing Design

From the email outline, to the images, to the copy – we can deliver your email marketing message at the right time to the right people.

What’s more, email marketing is a cost-effective way to share your message with the consumers you love and one of the most efficient ways to get conversions and engagement. How? It helps retain customers by staying top-of-mind, keeping them engaged with your brand, and encouraging them to take action – always coming back for more. We know how to build your email marketing list and create your email marketing strategy, so you will reach your audience in Lincoln and beyond.

One often overlooked aspect of email marketing is directing your messaging to your team as well as your consumers. In doing this, you increase employee engagement, promote your desired culture, and as a result minimize turnover with enhanced communication. Celebrating people and communicating expectations and things to know and look forward to reminds employees that they matter. Through email marketing you create a team of brand ambassadors and cheerleaders!

Are you curious if our email marketing agency or email marketing in general is right for you? We’d love to take a look at your current audience, review your current email analytics, and create an email marketing plan that makes sense in your overall marketing plan.

Email marketing is one tactic among many that can and should be used to share your message.

Curious? Send us an email and we can find a time to talk about the details.