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Into Balance is a community of well-being professionals passionately guiding people as they heal, grow, and thrive through mindfulness instruction, individual counseling, and group meditation. Led by Drew Buss, MS Ed, LIMHP, their mission is to help patrons learn what life can be when you move into balance.


The Challenge

Meeting with the Into Balance therapists, it became immediately clear that they truly live their mindful methodology: their calm, intelligent demeanor set the stage for introspection, openness, and discourse. The brand demanded an aesthetic to match, messaging that deconstructs the stigma associated with mental health, and a user experience that simplifies the path to pursuing mindfulness.


The Solution

Defined by cool, mineral tones, Into Balance comes to life in cinematic, thoughtful photography, a clean logo and graphic elements, and type treatment that blends the best of sinuous serifs and accessible sans-serifs. By juxtaposing wide-screen imagery and delicate linework, the brand finds an equilibrium between stability and airiness, and truly brings potential patients into balance.


The Outcome

Finding a new balance with their refreshed brand, the registrations for mindfulness-based stress reduction group classes have reached maximum capacity, and the waitlist for entry continues to grow. The practice has added another therapist. Into Balance is set for success.

Everything in the Into Balance brand is designed with the concept of openness in mind. From the broad scenic vistas to the up-close and personal shots of the elements, this brand brings its viewers back to simplicity and ease, again and again.

“From project definition, through launch, and going on a year later, Eleanor Creative have been reliable, inspiring, and delightful partners. They have been invested in helping me achieve my goals. I know they believe in me and the services I offer.”

Drew Buss, Into Balance

“Eleanor Creative has been reliable, inspiring, and delightful partners. They have been invested in helping me achieve my goals. They believe in me and the services I offer. That belief shows in the service they provide and the products they deliver. “

Drew Buss, Into Balance

“In all phases of my branding, website, and marketing projects, I believed and continue to believe that Eleanor Creative were the best choice for me and my business.”

Drew Buss, Into Balance

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