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9 Months


Blue Valley Community Action is a non profit organization that focuses on developing community programs and services that work to eliminate causes of poverty and improve the condition of poverty in the counties they service. What’s not to love about that? After developing the “We’ve got a solution for that,” Community Action state-wide campaign, we set out to build the BVCA website that easily connected people to these solutions.



To create a website that would work for and not against the BVCA team and their community of clients.

The previous Blue Valley Community Action website no longer reflected the energy of the organization, the platform limited their team in terms of how information and resources were presented, and there was limited content and ways to funnel people to action. Specifically, we needed to fix the fact that on the previous site:

• Users looking for information could not find it easily
• Information about services and programs available were limited when it was accessible
• The look, voice, and feel of the organization was not consistent
• It was difficult for users to get in contact with support for solutions


Using our trusted website design and development process, we were able to create a website that does everything and more than BVCA had hoped. From research to creating the sitemap and writing copy to design phases and the website launch, we left no stone unturned and were meticulous in our efforts. It helped too that the BVCA team was a dream to work with and we were able to keep on track throughout the entire process.


With the use of vibrant colors, a refreshed brand, smart design, services that are easy to navigate and search, and a modern property listings feature, BVCA is able to continue their mission of providing solutions with a website they are proud to share with their community. They said that prior to this new website they had a few website inquiries each month and now they get between 50 and 80 monthly.

It really is beautiful and effective. Take a look for yourself at

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