What do bakers love to do most? Feed people wonderful, mouthwatering goodness! So why not feed Le Quartier’s loyal customers and followers some delicious marketing creative on social media to get them excited about their product? That’s what we did with LeQuartier and the results got us salivating. Our social audience grew by 8.8% and 68.2% on Facebook and Instagram respectively, the e-newsletter audience grew by 988 subscribers!

The Challenge

“Le Quartier” means “the neighborhood” in French, and it’s something they take to heart. They provide the staples their customers need to make life delicious — whether that’s a loaf of artisan bread, a croissant, a cupcake, or dough for homemade pizza. As their market space becomes more and more enmeshed in the digital realm, they knew they’d need to increase their presence to maintain their current relationships with clientele and find new customers.

The Strategy

We led with sharp, clever creative that incorporated the best of crisp, playful, delicious-looking imagery and cheeky copy. Our content featured a mix of product-focused posts as well as human interest stories that gave users a chance to feel like they’re a part of the Le Quartier neighborhood. From croissants and baguettes to smiling faces, we created a digital space that tastes terrific and feels friendly and familiar.

The Results

As a result of strategic social posting, Le Quartier experienced week-on-week growth in their e-newsletter audience, as well as sales increase overall across their three locations in the Lincoln and Omaha metropolitan areas, 28% for both Omaha locations and 5% for the Lincoln location. And those numbers keep rising like dough.