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Web Design has drastically changed over the past 10 years thanks to the device that makes our lives better and worse, i.e. the smartphone. Smartphones have changed the landscape of web design, but one thing we know that is still true: first impressions matter. At Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, Nebraska, we bring your brand to the forefront of your website – on your phone, laptop, desktop, and ipad. We create websites with style and functionality. Our priority is to think like your customers and to get them the information they need as quickly and elegantly as possible. While time is always a priority, we also want people to slow down and engage with your brand. These two competing interests need to work together so your brand can be showcased online to your community and the digital world.

Top 5 Things to Consider for Web Design

1. Make it Responsive.
Responsive websites are helpful for your consumers and your business. Did you know that Google makes sure that top search results are mobile-friendly? And over 80% of consumers are using their phones for all of their searches.

It’s really not an option to only have a desktop version of your website anymore. At Eleanor Creative, we are only designing and programming sites that are responsive and work on multiple platforms for our clients. It’s the best practice and we only want the best for our clients.

2. Prioritize the Navigation.
Defining your website navigation is just as important as your website design. You don’t want your visitors to have to figure out what information is on your site. Start with a Main Navigation Plan that outlines key areas of information about your brand and products, and make it easily available on your website so readers don’t have to spend time looking around for it. If it takes more than 4 seconds searching for something on your website, then you’ve probably lost them as a potential customer.

When we work with web design clients at Eleanor Creative, we talk about knowing what Google is looking for when it comes to main navigation and sub navigation. It’s important for us to understand your business and the industry. We take that input and create targeted categories for the navigation bar to make searching for information much faster.

3. Use Branded Images.
We encourage our clients to carefully consider the images they use on their websites.

  • Do your images reflect the look of your company?

  • Are your images of real employees and clients?

  • Are the photographs well done? Is the image quality high?

  • Do the images represent your brand experience?

  • Do they reflect how you want to be perceived?

A custom photoshoot with Eleanor Creative can provide you with your own library of images to use on your website, social media, print materials and other marketing material for 1-3 years. Having your own custom images on your website will be more effective than the stock photography that you can find online.

After you’ve selected the images for your site, make sure you give them all the love they need for SEO.

Meta tags are content descriptors on a web page that help search engines find what you are looking for. Meta elements are used to define what is on the page, keywords, who wrote the document and other information. It’s important to include meta tags in your web design so that potential customers can narrow their search down and find you faster on the internet.

4. Keyword Content.
Each web page should contain about 450 to 600 words of keyword content. Keep in mind, visitors on your website don’t want to spend a ton of time reading lengthy articles so it’s extremely important to identify the most important elements you want to communicate. Work with a brand strategist at Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, Nebraska to help you define what your keywords should be.

In addition to pages, continue to incorporate new blog content into your web design. This helps to keep your website current and relevant to what people are searching for on the internet. Develop a strategy for blog content so that you know in advance what you want to talk about and allow plenty of time to do the necessary research to make the blog of value to the reader.

5. Make it Interesting.
There are hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet. You need to make your website stand out from the other businesses competing for your target market. So it’s important to make sure your web design and content have a soul. By that we mean giving your website life so that when someone comes to your site they make a real connection to who you are and what you offer. Enough to make them want to contact you for services.

Choose Eleanor Creative for your website.

When it comes to web design, you wouldn’t just put anything up. Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, Nebraska can help you showcase your products or services in the most effective way through a winning website design.

We invite you to take a closer look at some of our work. Reimagine your brand with Eleanor Creative.

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