Hello Officer Recruitment Website

The Hello Officer recruitment website was a part of a recruiting campaign for Lancaster County Department of Corrections, to fill 24 officer positions. We set out to build a freshly-branded microsite that would adequately showcase what it means to be a Correctional Officer at the County and provide compelling CTAs to move people to action and apply. Say Hello to this beautiful and highly effective microsite taking 86% staffing to 97% in less than 6 months.

The Challenge

Lancaster County Department of Corrections was down 14% on staffing and needed to hire to reach adequate operations, especially female hires. Their current website and application listing were not exciting and certainly did not showcase the type of applicant they were looking for, they wanted people to know that their officers were there to make an impact. We needed to create a website that showcased the culture of their team, the benefits, and entice people to apply.

Strategy and Tactics

We started by making a simple, yet dynamic microsite. The sitemap plan would include a responsive homepage that encouraged applicants to apply with frequent, compelling calls to action. We designed the site with bold, bright branding, and utilized real officers in the creative. This microsite includes pages for understanding benefits, what it takes, and career opportunities in addition to a contact page and an FAQ. The website also included a chat feature and a newsletter sign up form in the footer. This covered all the bases for contact and content that any applicant might need without being overwhelming.


The website was launched in May of 2022 and since has resulted in 97% staffing and climbing, from 86%. Within six months, the website also resulted in 7.7K website views, 4.1K users, and 267 returning users. 3,172 users were acquired from organic social media, 834 from direct search, and 60 from organic search. Also 22 people signed up for the newsletter updates about hiring and the site continues to be used for retention and recruitment purposes.