StarTran Social Media Campaign

Next Stop: an Eleanor Creative recruitment solution. Using a paid social media campaign: Meta ads via a virtual Facebook Event and a new landing page, we filled 86% of the open jobs at a one-day, in-person hiring event and the remaining positions, 100%, with another month of paid social media.

The Challenge

StarTran was shutting down routes and Bus Operators were dwindling from too much overtime. They needed to hire 22 Bus Operators to get back to optimal operations. When faced with a hiring shortage in a highly competitive market, the City of Lincoln turned to us to recruit the right people, quickly. They wanted to hire people who would not only be well suited for the job, but also people who would stick around.

The Strategy

We got to work on two phases of the paid social media campaign – an in-person hiring event with ads directed to the FB event and another paid social media campaign that would take people to the website. Using paid social media as a tactic, we strategically targeted the right people for the job, enticing them with effective, bus-friendly messaging and real-life imagery, focusing on the real perks of the job, like “diversity,” “a meaningful career,” “an office with a view,” “a career that takes you places,” “great retirement benefits,” and “paid vacation.” When people marked “interested” or “going” to our event, it would be automatically shared to other people they are connected to, to get more interest, if they clicked on the phase two ad, they would be taken to our cleverly crafted landing page that would drive them to convert.

Social Media Campaign Results

In 30 days we were able to show our ads to 39.5K people, 3.6 times each, resulting in 850 clicks and 100% of positions filled between the two short campaigns.