Stepping Stones Rebrand

Fresh, New Identity From Eleanor

Eleanor partnered with Stepping Stones in Lincoln, NE, who empowers individuals and families going through life-changing hardships and equips them with the right support. Their services include counseling, education, and advocacy. Most importantly, Stepping Stones helps to remove any barriers that prevent clients from accessing programs and services they need.

As Stepping Stones’ services evolved over the years it was time for an updated look. The Eleanor team created a new brand identity that can stand alone yet still reflects a relationship with their parent organization -— Lincoln Medical Education Partnership (LMEP). This also included the design of a new website and a marketing piece, giving both a vibrant, user-friendly look and feel while representing their various services.

The Logo

Eleanor started with the concept that people are at the heart of all of LMEP’s services, and each mark was designed around the concept of a human form taking the simplest shape. As a division of LMEP, we wanted to be consistent in designing the Stepping Stones mark. The new mark is forward-thinking and contemporary. It uses a simplistic typeface that provides a sense of strength and trust. The blue and yellow color palette focus on hope and healing and are also a part of the overall color scheme for LMEP. To give Stepping Stones their own identity, we created a “S” shape mark within the logo to illustrate their goal of inspiring “self-actualization.” The “S” itself is a stone path that takes patients on a journey, embraced by a sunny, yellow field of focused positivity.

Finding The New Voice

Our next challenge was to add a new voice, one that was comforting yet strong in commitment, supportive while empowering others, and welcoming to all populations. By working closely with staff to understood the importance of Stepping Stones’ mission and services, Eleanor was able to capture the right tone of messaging to reach a much broader audience than they had marketed to in the past.


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