Christ United Methodist Church


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6 Months

Building brand experiences is what we do, it’s our sweet spot and we love it. We get to the heart of an organization, or in this case a church, and we find out what it looks, sounds, and feels like to be in that space. The brand experience really depends a lot on the people. Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC) is a new-age progressive and inclusive organization that also happens to have a long history with traditional practices. Now they have a brand that aligns with who they are and what it looks, feels, and sounds like to be a part of CUMC.


The Challenge

CUMC had a brand identity crisis on their hands. They were moving forward and leading the charge with a somewhat unorthodox church experience for their community.

However, they needed to communicate that they were still very much a traditional church, with strong religious values and practices, but also inclusive, open-minded and accepting of all types and groups of people. Their brand was not representing who they actually were so they came to Eleanor to ask the right questions and help.


The Solution

We presented the CUMC brand, North Star, featuring a star shape assembled by repeating a single element around a center point. This arrangement can be thought to represent the four pillars of Christianity: faith, sacraments, life in Christ, and prayer.

The brand carries a decidedly North American Protestant feel. The color palette is vibrant and contemporary, taking cues from the pride flag. Typography is neat and legible, and there is a clear division between printed words and photographs. North Star illuminates the path to a better future and builds a robust visual foundation for the organization to build on.

From there the CUMC brand experience would be created and built out through implementation. We refreshed their website, social media channels and content, the digital and printed collateral, banners, paid Meta advertising, and more.


The Result

Christ United Methodist Church put their faith in our creative team to develop an updated brand that represents who they are, melding the progressive with the traditional. Make no mistakes about it; this brand portrays a proudly inclusive organization that is not afraid to wear its affiliation with dignity.

With a new look, voice, and feel CUMC  moved their brand forward and we’re proud to present Christ United Methodist Church – a brand for all.

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