Gold’s District


Property Development

Project Year



6 Months

Welcome to the new Gold’s District – a vibrant reimagining of Lincoln’s downtown landscape! For over a century, Gold’s has been a bustling hub for shoppers and diners but it has slowly lost its luster. Now, we’re taking it to the next level. Located at the historic 11th & O Streets intersection, this revitalized district promises to breathe new life into one of Lincoln’s most iconic areas.


The Challenge

Gold’s District required a fusion of history and modernity, catering to a diverse audience. From luxury hotel owners to property investors, from national retailers to local Lincolnites, we needed a brand that spoke to everyone.


The Solution

Enter Eleanor, the creative visionary agency behind Gold’s District’s new identity. By blending elements of the past and the future, we crafted a brand that resonates with both nostalgia and sophistication. Our logo, featuring a bold, classic Futura font paired with a delicate serif typeface, captures the essence of upscale shopping, dining, and living at the heart of downtown Lincoln.


The Outcome

Through careful conceptualization and collaboration with architects, we’ve laid the groundwork for an exciting future. Our designs, developed in tandem with architectural experts, promise a dynamic built environment that seamlessly integrates with the district’s rich history. While Gold’s District is currently under construction, it’s poised to become a vibrant, welcoming space where investors, builders, and shoppers can come together to create something truly special. Get ready to experience the new Gold’s – where history meets opportunity, and excitement awaits!

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