Ivanna Cone


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Project Year



6 Months


In 1997, Ivanna Cone emerged as a beloved local ice cream haven in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2023, our team undertook the exhilarating challenge of rebranding this iconic establishment, breathing new life into its visual identity, web presence, and merchandise. This revitalization aimed not only to celebrate Ivanna Cone’s rich history but also to propel it into a whimsical and enchanting future.


The Challenge

Capturing the essence of a storied past and translating it into a visual language that defied conventional ice cream parlor norms was our task. The challenge was to blend the history of the Creamery building, the heartwarming story of Ivanna Cone’s creation, and its commitment to inclusivity into a cohesive brand narrative. How could we encapsulate the spirit of a place that has been both a witness to time and a bastion of homemade ice cream for 26 years?


The Solution

Our approach melded neo-brutalist design, neo-Dadaism, and fantasy absurdism to create a vibrant, visually striking identity for Ivanna Cone. The color palette, a marriage of bright pastels and bold blacks, provided a unique aesthetic that defied expectations. By infusing raw, powerful, and whimsical design elements, we crafted a brand identity that radiates energy, delight, and a hint of snark. The website copy, with its upbeat and straightforward tone, reflects Ivanna Cone’s commitment to premium, handmade ice cream sourced locally, with a preference for real over artificial ingredients.


The Outcome

The outcome is a transformed Ivanna Cone that invites customers into an extraordinary world of ice cream. The rebrand pays homage to the Creamery building’s history, celebrates diversity, and radiates a sense of inclusivity. Ivanna Cone now boasts an ultra-inclusive space, maintaining the best homemade ice cream while welcoming everyone to revel in its absurdly delicious offerings. The reimagined merchandise, from beanies to coloring books, complements the new brand image, offering customers a tangible way to take a piece of Ivanna Cone’s whimsy home with them.

We were also able to preserve Ivanna Cone’s snarky yet inclusive tone, reflecting the brand’s upbeat and unapologetic personality. It doesn’t beat around the bush; instead, it invites customers to join in the celebration of delicious ice cream and the unique Ivanna Cone experience.

Celebrate the history, embrace the whimsy, and indulge in the absurdly delicious world of Ivanna Cone – where ice cream meets imagination. 🍦✨

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