Hello Officer Billboard

Billboards can be hard to read or hard to ignore on the 9-5 drive to and from work. But commuters couldn’t help but notice the appeal of the Hello Officer billboard, digitally and right downtown. It’s vibrant and it’s fun and it makes you stop and reconsider your day-to-day job. Could saying Hello Officer be right for you?’

The Challenge

We needed to implement a holistic brand awareness campaign that covered all the bases to reach a variety of people and meet them where they live, work, and play and entice them to say Goodbye Office, Hello Officer!

The Strategy

As a supplement to a TV commercial, a big presence on paid and organic social media, a compelling website, community involvement, and job fair collateral, a billboard was the next best thing for this well-rounded campaign. We knew we needed to meet people on their scroll, their couch, their favorite community marathon, and on the 9-5 drive. Brand awareness full circle!

The Result

This billboard resulted in 259,329 impressions per week for 4 weeks for a total of 1,037,316 impressions and enhanced the overall campaign, leading to 96% of people hired.