Sean Flattery

Creative Director

Sean Flattery has served Eleanor as Creative Director since 2018. Drawing on years of experience from various disciplines — including non-profit work, publication design, fine and performing arts, and community outreach — Sean brings a broad-minded perspective to branding and marketing to clientele in the Lincoln, Nebraska area and beyond.

As Creative Director, Sean builds narratives. From writing brand identities, scripts, and social media content, to designing logos, shaping brands, and bringing visions into reality, Sean Flattery’s gift is in unifying message and medium to give Eleanor clients a bold and impactful brand experience. As a part of the extraordinary Eleanor design team, he styles design solutions over a wide array of applications and formats, holding to a high standard of craftsmanship and creativity.

​​His artistic flair is complemented by a set of strengths that bring the substance to his style: Input, Strategic, Achiever, Arranger, and Woo. Which basically means that Sean’s got an unquenchable curiosity and a vast supply of anecdotes, that have helped him set and attain lofty goals, all while constantly adapting and re-adapting to shifts and trends, and doing it with a genuine Sean Flattery smile.

– Board Member, Friends of the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center since 2021
– Winner, American Marketing Association “Cropped” Challenge, 2021

His Strengths

— Input
— Strategic
— Achiever
— Arranger
— Woo
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