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We often talk about giving our clients the ability to take flight — and most of the time, that’s metaphorical. With Fly Fitness, those wings are one thousand percent literal, and we couldn’t be more excited.

We’ve loved working with Fly and their fitness philosophy for years and because we have found their classes and culture to be so energizing, it was imperative for us to bring the positive, electric vibe of the Fly experience to their refreshed brand. We did so with spectacular color, striking imagery, and razor-sharp typography. See for yourself.


The Challenge

Fly came to us with four successful locations and a philosophy people were drawn to. They also had a plan to have us help them spread their wings and dive into the franchising world.

Their brand would need to better elevate their business locally and nationally, and speak to a broader, more masculine audience as well as their loyal female clients, It was imperative.

A new website needed to be responsive and easy-to-use for new clients and clients just looking to book a class or buy a membership.

The logo mark had to better translate on to a variety of implementations.

Their electric, welcoming energy needed to jump off the screen and get people to come experience Fly Fitness in real life. We couldn’t wait to get started!


The Solution

To reposition the Fly brand as an exciting new leader in the national fitness industry, we streamlined the brand’s complex logo into four powerful and poised shapes, creating a gestural set of wings as well as a subtle nod to the the capital “F” letterforms that serve as the initials for Fly Fitness. A high-contrast, high-energy color palette frames active messaging that soars from screens and pages, encouraging potential users to test their strength and take flight. Applying this updated brand to on-site signage, an all-new, user-focused website experience, and social media channels, Fly was able to begin franchising, with wings out.


The Result

We pulled all of the brand’s elements into a gorgeous, updated web presence that puts the end-user first — and lets the Fly team shine. Fly Fitness began expansion on two new franchise locations, within two months of launching the new brand and shows no signs of stopping.

Look out for where Fly’s headed — the sky’s the limit. Wings out.

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