Revel Events



Project Year



6 Months

Revel Events is designed to be a playful yet flexible entertainment industry brand – capable of pairing with all events, from a high-end wedding to a sorority formal, and a college football tailgate party to a corporate event. Stop and revel in this energetic brand.


The Challenge

Revel Events, formerly Primetime Nebraska, came to us with one request, a rebrand. We needed to create a brand that was magnetic and versatile. Something that would stand out and say, we create event experiences that you can revel in and we’re not like the other guys. Revel needed to be specifically for a biz in the event transportation, event center, and event planning industries.

It needed to speak to newlyweds, college students, and corporate companies– all while establishing a high-level of energy and trust. People needed to know that they could call Revel to give them a hassle-free event that would be sure to bring lasting memories.


The Solution

It all started with a name. Revel Events. It is a revelation for party planners. A revolution for party-goers. It is Revel Events.

The brand has a bold color palette, a striking typeface and a palate of symbols that can grow and adapt to the business. This eclectic approach offers plenty of flexibility. Revel is sure to meet their audience right where they are regardless of the event – dressed up or hair down – they’ll even pick you up in their bus!

Revel, the brand, embodies a good time. The Revel experience truly is for all entertainment needs and their new mark is making its mark in the entertainment industry.


The Outcome

Strategically positioned to make any event stand out, Revel Events is creating a buzz on the streets and in the event center. From the bus to to the dance floor, this brand invites people to revel in the moment, seize the day, and hop on the Revel Events brand experience. It is like no other.

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