Branding and Marketing Strategies for Optometry

For more than eleven years, Eleanor Creative has been developing optometry branding and marketing plans that have successfully grown optical practices. Our experience encompasses working with a wide range of optometry companies, from helping the largest independent group of optometrists in Nebraska grow to multiple locations throughout the state to working with various optical brands and co-brands.

Creating a unique experience for our optometry clients is our top priority. Eleanor Creative accomplishes this by learning everything we can about your company’s mission, vision, and where they see their company positioned within the market. We understand their goals: Do they want to provide family eyecare only, or do they want to specialize in more complex services, such as dry eye disease and vision therapy. Understanding where they want to go allows us to develop key strategies that will build brand loyalty and grow market share.

What Does Your Optometry Brand Say?

Consider the diversity that optometry offers. From services to products, defining your brand is important so that you set yourself apart from other optometry practices. We start with three key elements: look, feel, and voice for your brand.

  • Look. Logo design, brand colors, graphic design elements, and photography should all be implemented according to your brand standards for the perfect look.

  • Voice. What words you use and how they are conveyed will impact your patients in a positive or negative way. At Eleanor Creative, we will select the right tone, words, and overall messaging that will create the best experience for your brand.

This key to an impactful “voice” is keeping it consistent and making sure it resonates with your patients. It’s imperative that you know your audience, the language they use and the platforms where they go to engage with your brand.

  • Feel. Creating a brand experience where your customers feel well cared for, valued, and prioritized is so important. At Eleanor Creative, we care about how your customers feel when they interact with your brand. We want their experiences to be positive and engaging. That’s the key to brand loyalty and the key to creating an impactful brand.

Establishing a relationship with consumers through social media, sponsorship of events, and public relations campaigns builds a network of users for your products and services.

How Do You Know Which Marketing Strategies Work for Optometry?

Often, our optometry clients ask, “Which marketing strategies will work best for my optometry practice?” Understanding your demographic of patients is important so that you can identify which platforms are more likely used by those audiences to get their information. From digital to print to broadcast, you may need to consider some or all to achieve your branding and marketing goals. Keep in mind the following:

  • Web Design. Make a strong first impression with your patients by having a well thought out and beautifully designed optometry website. Eleanor Creative will make your optometry website with the latest standards and one that is a true reflection of your brand. It’s important to have a responsive website, one that works on all platforms, uses custom photography when possible, and gives consumers the option to schedule appointments online. Your messaging should reflect the voice of your brand and connect your patients with your optometric team.

Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, NE has designed e-commerce website specifically for optometry practices. We know how to showcase the latest frames and sunglasses online with either an option to purchase or a feature to browse frames before their eye exam appointment.

  • Digital. Determine the social media platforms that work for you. Develop a plan to maintain a strong presence to help patients build a relationship with your brand.

  • SEO. Know what your patients are searching for, whether it is designer eyewear or an optometrist that specializes in vision therapy for children. Make sure you use keywords specific to your industry in your web content, blogs, and general messaging so that the search engines can find your practice easily.

  • Traditional Marketing. Whether it’s radio, TV, print, billboard, or direct-mail, they can all be used very effectively as part of your strategic plan. Make sure that it works with your digital strategy.

  • Events. Hosting events and contests can create high visibility for your brand. We helped an optometry client create Frame Shows in each town they had clinics located. Eleanor Creative specializes in creating signature events for optometry practices and online contests to draw people to your events.

Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, Nebraska has extensive experience using multiple strategies effectively in optometry branding and marketing. Our team of professionals can help you determine which ones will work best.

Do You Have a Strategy to Give Back To Your Community?

At Eleanor Creative, we believe that by identifying a purpose your organization supports is very beneficial in building your brand. People want to know when they purchase a product or service that the company they are spending money with has values and a mission, especially when it comes to giving back to their community. Incorporate that information into your messaging to let consumers know what your company is all about.

One of our optometry clients we worked with is very involved in an international organization that provides free optometric services and glasses to people living in underserved areas of the world, as well as in the U.S. Their optometrists and staff travel to various places and personally offer their services as a way to help individuals see better.

Another great opportunity for any optometry practice is to partner with a local organization in sponsoring an event. To promote one of our client’s’ program for kids, we created a map of Lincoln and highlighted various landmarks and activities, such as the zoo. Every child that got a new pair of glasses was able to go to these places at no charge. It was a great way to help children who were new to wearing glasses get excited about it.

When it comes to branding and marketing optometry, we encourage you to look for unique ways to set your optometry practice apart from others in your market. Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, Nebraska can help you navigate all aspects of developing and implementing your strategic plan.

Work with us. Reimagine your optometry brand with Eleanor.

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