Christine Weeks

CEO / Brand Developer

Behind every great performance is a strong and savvy director. Christine is just that. She loves directing the day-to-day marketing and branding strategies for her clients while inspiring her employees to do great work.

Christine is the definition of driven. To survive, to thrive, to succeed. Christine started Eleanor Creative in 2009 after her years developing marketing strategies for healthcare organizations. She had a knack for propelling research into a strategic marketing plan, helping physicians promote their specialty clinics through innovative design and compelling communications.

While driven is the perfect word to describe Christine, she actually hates driving a car. Most days you’ll find her cycling up the trails on her way to the studio. She’s on marathon #11 all while running a business and chasing after her four active children.

Some describe Christine as 50% sophistication and 50% grit. She has learned to fight through difficult and demanding situations her entire life. This has given her thick skin, compassion for others and courage to inspire many to be brave in the midst of adversity.

There’s more to her story and her list of life experiences that make it easy to connect with her on so many different levels. The best part is that she is always ready to listen and prepared with solutions to make your business and life flourish.