Snaps + Sprouts Redefined

February 6, 2018


Jenn at Snaps + Sprouts Photography is a natural light portrait photographer with an authentic aesthetic that breathes pure life. She came to Eleanor seeking a logo design that would capture the organic spontaneity of her photography sessions, which focus mostly on babies, children, and families. “A session with me is all about being caught in a tickle fight, really big bear hug, uncontrollable laughter, silly faces, and you being you,” Jenn says.


When it came to designing a logo for Snaps + Sprouts, Eleanor looked to capture the natural flow of a relaxed family photography session, along with the organic elements of nature and natural aesthetic Jenn favors. We created a color palette of intense mossy greens, mixed with the color tones of bark and earth.

The results were a logo that invokes a camera lens focusing on a natural branch. We paired the imagery with a flowing script font that furthered the authentic, relaxed aesthetic.


Say Hello to Bluestem Health

January 25, 2018

When Bluestem Health, the healthcare clinic formerly known as People’s Health Center, commissioned Eleanor to rename and rebrand their community health organization, they wanted their new brand to express the look and feel of their status as a quality healthcare center with the mission of creating a healthy, vibrant community for all people, regardless of insurance status.

Within the Lincoln community, the name “People’s Health Center” had been commonly confused with other local organizations, such as the similarly named People’s City Mission, a fantastic organization but with a different set a of services and goals. They found that there was a growing perception that the clinic only saw uninsured patients, despite the high standards it has met as a federally qualified health center. They wanted a brand that would move them forward as a vital healthcare facility for the whole community.

Eleanor researched hundreds of name possibilities and the Bluestem Health team and board members favored “Bluestem” due to its Nebraska connotations and positive imagery. Little Bluestem is Nebraska’s state grass — an adaptable grass that is both beautiful and strong. One of the best grasses for animal habitats, butterflies and birds use bluestem for shelter to promote life and healing. Providing a home and a healing place was precisely the image they wanted Bluestem Health to invoke as it launched a new identity to demonstrate a more inclusive approach to healthcare.



Eleanor designed a new logo and brand that was warm and welcoming of all people and of all cultures, just like the bluestem grass it represents. We drew our color palette from the foliage of the grass, which combines pastel colors in summer and coppery tones in fall.





Vision Performance. Bringing Momentum & Energy to the Forefront.

December 14, 2017

Specializing in developmental optometry and vision therapy, the Vision Performance Center has been helping patients experience better vision in Fort Collins for over 40 years. Dr. Jaclyn Munson and her team of vision therapists work with patients to help them succeed at work, school, or on the athletic field.

Vision Performance Center is one of three divisions under the umbrella of the Fort Collins Family Eye Care practice. Rebranding the business meant creating a distinct identity that evokes movement and athletic energy for a brand that also needs to look and feel at home as part of a trilogy.

We set out to create a contemporary, warm family of brands that echo the upscale Colorado lifestyle. Vision Performance Center is unique within the set in that adventure and momentum are core components to the brand’s identity. We designed a mark that suggests the wheel of a bike, with a rush toward forward motion with its treads. Vibrant, energetic, and bold the brand’s color palette is reminiscent of the pattern blocks used during therapy.

We are excited about the new look and new approach that Vision Performance can bring to the community of Northern Colorado. We look forward to the patients embracing the new brand and sharing with their friends and family.


Giving Back: Girls on the Run

October 11, 2017

At Eleanor, we believe in the strength of women. We have all had strong mentors in our lives who encouraged us to believe in our abilities and focus on the positive changes we can make in the world.

Since August, several women on the Eleanor team (Christine, Mackenzie, Kristie, and Deanna) have been serving as volunteer coaches for Girls on the Run at a local elementary school. Girls on the Run is a nonprofit empowerment program designed to encourage third – fifth grade girls to establish healthy attitudes about themselves and each other. Each session focuses on body positivity, confidence, and teamwork. We work each lesson into a gradual running program to condition the girls to complete a 5K.

Each young athlete on our team is an inspiration. We have been so impressed by their character, work ethic, and intelligence. From silly cheers to talking through some tough topics, we are learning together about what it takes to be more confident, self-aware, and encouraging leaders.

Over the course of our lives, we always have choices and the opportunity to make a difference. We hope our few months with these girls will stay in their hearts as they shape our future society into a thriving environment for girls here in Nebraska and around the world.

A New Website for a New Vision

October 10, 2017

Shared Vision International holds a special place in our hearts. The work they do to provide optometric care and free eyewear to those who don’t have access is truly inspiring. We’ve been honored to help them with their branding and website needs over the years. This year, we created a fresh new look for their website meeting the needs of 2017 website design standards.

The goal with their new website was to put the focus on the good work that Shared Vision does and emphasize the people who are directly impacted. We wanted to really show the human side of their mission. We included more photos of their work in Haiti. We also included a video which recapped the experiences of those who went on the most recent trip.

We knew visitors to the site would be interested in knowing more about the organization’s mission and who exactly benefits from the great work. It was of course Shared Vision’s goal to accurately explain the motivation behind their work and encourage visitors to find out more about how to make donations, volunteer or share the word about all of the good that’s being done.

It was important to keep the strong brand consistent throughout the website. This time around we decided to integrate more photos along with the branded graphics to give it a more journalistic and human touch. We included some quick fact breakdowns to further highlight the scale of the work that they do at a glance. We also wanted to spotlight Shared Vision’s philosophy of “Durability and Dignity.” This concept is to not only provide eyewear for the recipients, but to provide a sense of dignity for those in need.

One of the challenges with this project was to be able to work as cost-effectively as possible, as it is with most nonprofit projects. We were able to take some backyard photography and give it a fresh makeover allowing the photography to be enveloped by the Shared Vision brand.

We are excited for what the future holds for Shared Vision International and are so glad that we can be a part of their mission. If you’d like more information about what they do and how you can help, you can check out their fancy new site: