Sounds Good! – Eleanor’s Hearing Party

May 18, 2017

Eleanor Creative has had the pleasure of working with the audiology clinic, Complete Hearing over the past year. We created a new brand for them and put together marketing and advertising strategies. One of our objectives is to eliminate the stigma of having your hearing checked and wearing hearing aids. Healthy hearing is for everyone!


So we did what we do best and we threw a party. We all decided that the Eleanor Creative team should have our hearing checked together at the same time. Dr. Meghanne Wetta tested Christine and Kristie, and Dr. Sandra Miller tested Deanna.

Kristie was impressed with how easy and fun her exam was. Not that she was expecting it to be scary, but Dr. Wetta did such a great job of explaining everything.

“She has such a fun personality and makes you feel at ease,” says Kristie about her experience with Dr. Wetta.

First the audiologist examines your ears to do a preliminary assessment of health and detect any blockages or abnormalities. Dr. Wetta discovered that Kristie has smaller than average ears, which would explain why earbuds always fall out of her ears so easily.

Because of her previous career as a disc jockey, Deanna was sure that her hearing would test below average. She had been experiencing uneven hearing and would hear muffled sounds in her left ear.

After the physical examination, Dr. Miller discovered the answer to Deanna’s muffling. There was almost total wax blockage in Deanna’s left ear, and Dr. Miller was able to remove it safely. She reminds everyone never to use candling or q-tips to remove wax as they can cause damage, but to go to your physician or your audiologist for safe wax removal if it is bothering you. Ear wax is normal with everyone producing different amounts.

The next phase of the exam tested whether or not you can understand words clearly at different volumes and if you can hear different tones at different frequencies. This was where Christine was worried about her hearing because she always feels as if she struggles to understand her children in the car. Sometimes, hearing issues aren’t just that you can’t hear, but that you have problems differentiating sounds and understanding specific sounds with clarity.

This portion of the exam only took between 5 to 10 minutes and almost felt like a game. The exam showed that Christine had hearing in the normal ranges and what she was probably experiencing in the car was all of her children speaking at once. The life of a busy mom.

After the exam, the Eleanor team all had hearing testing in the normal ranges. We all felt as if the process was quick and easy. We now have baseline tests; so that in a few years when it is recommended that we receive another test, we can see if our hearing has changed. More than anything, we’ve realized how important it is to stay on top of our hearing, protect what we have and not be ashamed to have it tested.

The ability to hear the world around us is one of our greatest gifts. Taking care of that gift is important for ourselves and those we love.

Client Spotlight: Shared Vision International

May 10, 2017


Shared Vision International developed out of a conversation between four friends. Austin and Tara Mackrill and Troy and Chelsey Kirk had done quite a bit of traveling and became aware of the difficulty finding access to optometric care in many parts of the world. Not only would communities not have the necessary funds to afford eye exams or eyewear, there simply wasn’t an eye doctor within travel distance in some of the more remote areas.

Shared Vision International bridges volunteer doctors and eye care professionals with areas of the world both nationally and internationally that need optometric care. They have also partnered with eyewear manufacturers to provide frames and lenses to people who can otherwise not afford corrective eyewear.

Eleanor Creative recently had an opportunity to help chronicle Shared Vision’s most recent mission trip to Haiti.

Shared Vision is continuing to look toward the future and has come to Eleanor to take their website and brand into the future. We look forward to being able to help this amazing non-profit attract new donors and volunteers so that they can help even more people all over the world.

Go After It

April 19, 2017

On mornings when I pull myself out of bed to run, when I remember to take out the trash, rewash last night’s laundry for the second time, get my four kids to school without a yelling match, and make it to my first appointment of the day at 8:30 am without wet hair – I consider it a success. 


Defining success is personal. My success vs. your success are and should be two different things. The question is, are you letting other people define it for you?

Culturally, in my opinion, we have a lot of skewed views when it comes to defining a “successful business.”

The most common question I get asked is, “Well, how many employees do you have?” Some people are genuinely curious about Eleanor and others are trying to measure the success of it. From the beginning, I’ve chosen to not measure my company’s success by the number of employees I have. I’ve always said, I would rather have a talented and well paid team than a crew of 20 interns working for next to nothing. 

Two of my highest values are quality of work for my clients and quality of life for my employees. I want our clients to know that experienced and talented professionals are working on their projects everyday. As for my employees, I want them to know that their quality of life is my priority. Whether they are a new mom, a single mom, a forty-something kick-ass designer, I care about their salary, their benefits, their work-life balance, and their happiness at work. 


The longer you let others define your success the more it will stifle you. Let it go, like the Disney song, or whatever. Take time to think about what success means to you. Then go after it. 

 –Christine Weeks is the CEO at Eleanor Creative. She rarely writes blog posts, so today is your lucky day. 

Random Acts of Sprinkles

February 17, 2017

Sometimes the opportunity to make a difference is covered in sprinkles.

I have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic bosses. Monica Ledbetter was my manager when I helped with marketing and event planning at Scheels. A few years ago, her daughter Laney was born and diagnosed with a rare liver condition. Laney is not currently on the wait list, but will eventually need a liver transplant to save her life. (More information on Laney’s story here.)


Monica called Eleanor Creative last week and asked if we would be interested in participating in a Random Acts of Kindness event that would raise awareness for Nebraska Organ Recovery. The idea was to hand out cookies  in pairs, one for the recipient and one for the recipient to give away. The whole idea was to celebrate the idea of sharing and spread the word about organ donation.


According to the NORS website, one organ donor can save eight lives, and one tissue donor can save or enhance the lives of up to 60 people. “At any given time, about 500 Nebraskans are on the waiting list for lifesaving organ transplants. Out of those 500, about 50 will die each year without receiving the organ they desperately need.”

The joy on people’s faces as they accepted the cookies and promised to give the other away was inspiring. People were excited to not only accept the cookie, but learn more and help promote organ recovery on social media. Laney was especially delighted because she knew she was making so many people happy with the gift of a free cookie. With sprinkles.


Thank you to the Kitchen Sink Cookie Company for their delicious cookies!

Welcome Home, Kristie

November 11, 2016

kristie-blogKristie Weiberg’s theme for the last few months is Home. She’s originally from Malcolm, NE but left 19 years ago to pursue her dream of graphic design in Sioux Falls, SD. We are fortunate at Eleanor, because back in September, Kristie decided to move home to Nebraska and join our branding team.

Shortly after arriving back in the Lincoln area, Kristie bought her own house which she plans on restoring and making her home. Coincidentally, she lives on the same block as Deanna, so you can only imagine what barbecues are going to be like next summer.

Her new house is being gutted as we speak. Kristie is excited to pour her creativity and her energy into the structure of the new space. Renovating older houses into fresh and welcoming places is one of Kristie’s passions. A dream job for her would be to renovate a series of cabins in Colorado to help people feel at home on their vacations. (Already booking my room.)

We are happy that Kristie has found a home here at Eleanor. She brings a positive spirit every single day. Her energy is infectious and her diligence to getting a design right for a client is commendable. Her eye for the unique is refreshing and her work ethic is second-to-none. We’re excited to see how she enhances the dynamic of the Eleanor family and are proud to roll out the welcome mat for her. Welcome home, Kristie. Welcome home.