February 15, 2011

So, I was thinking….

About creating a little buzz…

Where little spellers from across the city…

Joined together to experience a real bee…

Not just any spelling bee..

An IndiBEE….

There’s still time to register for this sweet event.

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IndiFilms New at Indigo

January 27, 2011

Films evoke emotion, move us to action, and increase our awareness on issues that directly and indirectly impact our lives. Last weekend my husband and I saw Made in Dagenham at The Ross. This film is based on a true story about ordinary women who went head-to-head with the Ford Motor Company to fight for a woman’s right to equal pay. Talk about David versus Goliath — these skilled women were classified as “unskilled workers” and intentionally were paid significantly less than male employees. The beauty of this story showed their courage when they fought against injustice and initiated the Equal Pay Law. Also, it reminds me about similar injustices which permeate our lives even in 2011.

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Releasing Thoughtful Design

January 17, 2011

Eleanor Creative internal brand poster series

In 2010, Eleanor Creative was blessed with work, work, and more work. Projects came in and out, and we experienced the thrill of taking our clients to the next level of design and marketing. The beauty of Eleanor, as a company, is that we are not the least bit interested in the AMOUNT of work that we do. For us, it is all about timeless design, smart communication strategies, and moving one toward the greater good. Just as we emphasize that standard with our own clients, it is equally important for the Eleanor brand.

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EC Light is Here!

November 11, 2010

Eleanor Creative launches an EC Light Site for Columbus Urgent Care. As an EC Light Site, is able to maximize what their patients need most – quick, easy-to-read service, location, and contact information. This customized website is perfect for small businesses or healthcare clincs offering affordability without compromising brand integrity. With its uncomplicated navigation and clear presentation, this EC Light site allows for a great user experience.

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IndiZoo is on its way!

November 5, 2010

IndiZOO is on its way and we wanted you to be the first to know about it! It was our creative privilege to brand, design and create a series of Indigo children’s events to bring some out-of-the-ordinary fun into the bookstore.

IndiZOO is an interactive story time that brings together animals, literature and hands-on learning.

Our first animal endeavor is into the world of Screech Owls. We have invited a guest from Pioneer’s Nature Center to bring in her Screech Owl friend and to teach us all about these fascinating creatures. The Screech Owl show-and-tell will be followed by a storyteller who will read about owls, and then the children are free to make an owl-themed craft before they leave.