Meet Indigo Bridge Books

October 18, 2010

Meet Indigo Bridge Books

We, Eleanor Creative, would love to introduce you to our new client, Indigo Bridge Books! We are excited to work with Indigo Bridge Books for the next year, pairing our event planning expertise with their socially-focused environment and mission.

Indigo Bridge Books is located at 701 P Street, on the first floor of the Creamery Building in Lincoln, Nebraska’s Historic Haymarket. With a warm air of hot drinks and cozy, book-lined walls, Indigo is a hotspot of social, studious and soothing conversations.

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Give Amelia a Lift

October 5, 2010

Give Amelia A Lift

This Saturday, EC will be participating in the “Give Amelia a Lift” Fundraiser. Amelia is the daughter of Jen and Steve Allen, dear friends of ours here at EC.

When Amelia was five months old she was diagnosed with leukemia. After several rounds of chemo, Amelia contracted a blood infection leaving her severely brain damaged and without mobility. Jen, Steve and several committed volunteers, do an amazing job taking care of Amelia at home. She attends preschool at Clinton Elementary, has therapy and regular doctor appointments throughout the week, attends church and visits friends. Now, nearing age four, it has become difficult to move Amelia in and out of her carseat, necessitating a van with a built-in ramp for her wheelchair. This van will give Amelia increased dignity and comfort while hugely aiding her parents.

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Hello There!

October 4, 2010

the team says 'hello'

Hello! It’s Christine here. Thanks so much for stopping by EC’s new site. I hope you had a chance to click around and see what we’ve been up to.Yes, we’ve been extremely busy this last year and a half, but we are grateful for all of the work and relationships that have come our way. On behalf of Nic, Dylan, Gail and myself — welcome, and we hope you stop by often or better yet, stop by the studio and say hello!

Before I go, can I just say that I’m so thankful for our EC team, our clients and our very supportive family and friends? Though there are late nights, endless work piles, and a million details — I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m grateful for this company and for where we are headed. So “thanks a million” to everyone who has supported us and the work we do.