We Love Marketing Directors, You’ll Love Us Too!

Why Marketing Directors Love Eleanor Creative

Our clients have typically found Eleanor Creative through their internal marketing directors. More often than not, companies hire one person to lead their marketing efforts but it can be very difficult for that person to fill 6-7 roles. The marketing directors that we work with at Eleanor Creative love that they can utilize our team for all of their marketing needs. Whether they need a strategic plan or a high-profile advertising campaign, the director knows that Eleanor Creative is up for any and all marketing tasks.

As for branding, that’s our forte. It’s not unusual for a marketing director of a company to give us a call and ask for our expertise in repositioning their brand. Finding the right look, feel, and voice for an organization is our passion.

We get what it takes to be a Marketing Director because many people on our team have filled that role during their careers. We also get what they need. We feel honored to work with so many marketing directors in Lincoln, Nebraska and across the country. One of our favorite compliments is when our clients refer to us as their in-house marketing team. We work hard to accomplish all of our clients’ marketing goals and becoming like-minded with their teams is key.

When should a Marketing Director work with Eleanor Creative?

  1. If you need a strategic marketing plan
  2. If you need to brand a new service or product
  3. If you have more than 50 employees and you do not have an in-house marketing team
  4. If you want to work with expert brand strategists, designers, copywriters, and community builders
  5. If you want to work with a team that cares deeply about your organization and its success.
  6. If you need to pivot or grow your business
  7. If you need to implement new digital marketing tactics that you have never tried before

What Marketing Directors Do You Work With?

We serve as the marketing team for Bluestem Health, Lincoln Family Medicine Center, Hub & Soul, Cascade Fountain, Eyris Marketing, and Innovative Pain & Spine Specialists to name a few.

Who’s on this Eleanor Creative Team, Anyway?

Creatives and strategists who raise the bar. Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, Eleanor Creative inspires companies by creating better brand experiences. Our accomplished and brilliant team consists of:

Behind every great performance is a strong and savvy director. Christine is just that. She loves directing day-to-day marketing and branding strategies for her clients while inspiring her employees to do great work.

Project Manager. Client success enforcer. Mackenzie oversees the details of campaigns and manages client relations. Her relentless work ethic and passion make her the kind of Project Manager creatives dream about. With a dash of strategy and a heap of perfection, she sets every project up for success.

Sean believes that design is to the written word what body language is to words spoken. He communicates a brand’s personality and vitality through color, line, and text. His passion for creating dazzling solutions that are equally beautiful and meaningful enables him to craft designs that evoke emotionally engaging outcomes.

All-round superstar. Huge perfectionist. She won’t rest until your advertising strategy is absolutely flaw-proof. Jacque brings over 35 years of branding and marketing experience to the table, as well as the perspective of working both client-side and agency-side.

From print and online media to specialty projects, Jodi creates purposeful and meaningful design with a sharpened ability to adapt her skills to a variety of concepts and industries. A former Senior Marketer in the hospital industry, she has over a decade of experience in marketing, advertising, and graphic design.

  • Sheena Rancourt • Brand Strategist

Sheena’s ability to connect with people and to work positively within a team makes her an invaluable resource. She listens well in order to craft digital marketing strategies that achieve results for her clients and uses client stories to develop the voice of their brand.

  • Andrea Atkinson • Designer

She kerns, she crops, and she can craft a logo with the best of them. In her role as graphic designer, you will see her love for design come to life. She creates magic, whether it is a social post, a logo design, or a custom mood board – she puts passion and precision into everything she touches. If you want flawless design, ask for Andrea Atkinson.


Our team is seasoned, with over 80 collective years in branding and marketing, among other industries. We can do it all. We develop strategic plans and implement them. At Eleanor Creative, a brand agency, we also have an extensive review process where many people see and touch everything before it gets sent into the world to represent you. It is our job to make sure it is exactly right, and if it isn’t, we can fix it quickly and internally with our team.

You receive a brilliant experience when you choose Eleanor Creative in Lincoln, Nebraska to enhance your brand.


Outside Promotion from the Inside

An outsider’s perspective who feels like an insider is like gold. It is the best of both worlds. We become a part of your team, but we remain objective.

When you come to Eleanor Creative, through our knowledge and expertise, we will work with you to create a dynamic brand experience. Our approach to your brand experience is centered around you. We commit to understanding your business and mission completely. This knowledge is the foundation for our partnership, and it sets the tone for strategy throughout the entire process. Check out some of our reviews on our Google My Business page.

If you’re curious about working with Eleanor just shoot us an email at hello@eleanorbrands.com or give us a call at 402-477-2721. We’d love to hear your story and create a plan to share it with the world.

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