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1 Year

North O Print Co. is more than a print shop brand, it’s a movement and it has been serving the North Omaha community and 16 states across the nation since 2019. North O Print Co. also supports ENCAP’s mission of reducing the power of poverty in its community. So why wouldn’t we get to work making a brand that would live on to stand for the greater good?!


The Challenge

When Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership (ENCAP) came to us, they knew they had something special, but they needed it to reach and appeal to their local community as well as their online t-shirt biz consumers nation-wide. For this they would need a new name, typeface, and logo, which is why they came to Eleanor. The branding process is our “bread and butter.” Beyond that, ENCAP could handle implementation on apparel in-house, of course.


The Solution

We started with the name, and came up with something that brought the history of the North Omaha industrial area to life and paired it with a throwback brand experience that would be both retro and timeless – perfect for their target customers. Using visual cues from industries in other cities, this direction incorporates old-school charm with today’s forward charge, moving toward a sleeker, more streamlined tomorrow.

This wordmark balances the North O Print Co. words around a central fulcrum of a vertically extended “O” shape. The contrast between the stability of the blocked serif type and the forward gaze of the streamlined “O” creates a sense of dynamic visual interest.

We even created an alt brand to accompany the OG version. Options are essential in the printing biz. This bespoke script pays homage to the style of script used in the brands that grew out of the environment of North Omaha at its height. With a stand-alone and lockup option, this mark is sharp and versatile.


The Outcome

The brand experience really speaks for itself. With a bold brand that is multi-layered, versatile, classic, and contemporary, North O Print Co. is perfectly positioned to suit the online and North Omaha consumers it has been hoping to attract.

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