District 177


Property Development

Project Year



6 Months


If life is a highway, this is your exit. For any redevelopment project to be successful, there MUST be a fresh rebrand to reinvigorate the space and invite people back in. We not only rebranded, we designed District 177, where people could live, work, and play.

With a fresh brand that is dynamic, charged, stylish, and eye-catching – sure to make people stop and stay for a while – we created District 177. You can drive yourself crazy trying to find a cool place to live, eat, shop, and play. Or, you can drive to District 177. It’s up to you, baby.


The Challenge

Rev Development and NGC came to us with a mall redevelopment project that needed drive business and establish a larger sense of community in North Platte.

This brand needed to bring a touch of progress and modernity to a community built on tradition and Midwest values in the middle of the nations largest train depot.

It needed to speak to the new families moving in and investing in the community, the passersby, and the people who have poured their hearts and souls into a place they love.


The Solution

Five lines, three numerals, endless possibility: 177. This iconic and enigmatic introduction to North Platte’s newest commercial development is effortlessly fresh and exciting for home-towners and tourists alike. Incorporating bold visual elements, energetic curves, and a friendly color scheme, District 177 is Nebraska’s exit from the ordinary.

The clean geometry of a highway exit is replicated in the clean geometry of simple number forms, producing a cohesive visual language that draws viewers in and invites them to stop and stay for a while.

A distilled color palette of rust, verdigree, char, and tynk is an invitation to all ages to participate in the many opportunities available at District 177.


The Outcome

We took this brand to the next level with brand extensions like banners, signage, way finding, shirts, totes, gift cards, advertisements, billboards, a website and assets, social media images, and event collateral. District 177 is your exit.

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