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Eleanor Creative designed the Wilderness Park Capital Campaign brand and communications materials – a project that our entire team was passionate about. We partnered with Lincoln Parks Foundation,  Lincoln Parks and Recreation, and Friends of Wilderness Park to raise 2.1 million for Wilderness Park improvements.



Wilderness Park Campaign Branding

As Lincoln’s largest park, Wilderness Park provides a unique opportunity for the public to enjoy, understand, and appreciate the value of a natural area within an urban setting. With its growing popularity and accessibility, the City of Lincoln recognized the need to make it more user-friendly, accessible, and educational to anyone seeking solace and recreation. The community of Lincoln including various user groups along with a variety of surveys were used to gather public input.

This Capital Campaign initially started before the pandemic, however, we needed to pivot to find a unique way to share our story with donors online and through online video calls. Our team at Eleanor Creative crafted a beautiful website that shared the donor opportunities, rich history of the park, and unique ways for the community to be involved in this high-profile campaign.


The Solution

It’s Your Wilderness.

We strategically crafted the look, feel, and voice of the Wilderness Park Capital Campaign. Careful messaging defining the essence of what the park means to so many people individually was the catalyst for a beautiful campaign that moved people to action. What is it exactly?

It’s a bridge to nature. It’s the sunrise through the treetops. It’s the early morning runs. It’s the sounds of wildlife. It’s a chance to unplug. It’s the preservation of 1,400 acres of rugged forest. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s serious airtime. It’s a place for reconnecting— with the earth, and with each other. It’s your inspiration. It’s Lincoln’s protection from high water in Salt Creek. It’s 31 miles of trails. It’s an opportunity to escape and explore.

It’s Your Wilderness.


The Outcome

The Wilderness Park Capital Campaign reached it’s 2.1 million dollar goal which allowed for improvements to the park including: 8 Trailheads – kiosks with maps, improved parking lots, some seasonal restrooms, wayfinding signage within the park, 7 bridges and channel crossings, fitness loop updates, Epworth Park Arch restoration, and updated trail maps created with GPS technology.

This Capital Campaign brand was also named the 2021 American Marketing Association of Lincoln Sterling Silver Prism Award for Corporate Identity/Branding Non-Profit.

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